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Spring 2018, in order of date published

5 Girl Power CIOs to Check Out at the Spring Activities Fair

Mind Over Matter

Best of Beauty and Skin Care in January

10 Vines to Watch When You Want to End It All

Can the #MeToo Movement Bring a Critical Analysis to Art History?

The Six Stages of Reacting to Kylie Jenner's Birth Announcement

Four Podcast Favorites

Five Networking and Professional Development Tips

The Problem with the Way We Present "Abroad" on Social Media

How To: Valentines Day

If Sunsets Could Talk (AKA, a Pretty Montage of Sunset Pics)

5 Awesome Women to Watch at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

I Played Webkinz for the First Time Since Sixth Grade and It's, Like, Really Fun

Sarah and Summer: The 6 Year Friendship of Her Campus at UVA's CCs

Six Female Led Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

Five Memes to Describe Midterms Season

Is Social Media Making You Anti-Social?

Spread the Love

Spring Break Fashion Essentials

Channel One of These Five Celebs With Your Fashion Choices This Spring

Five Reactions to the Bachelor's Women Tell All

How to Stop Yourself From Checking Your Phone

The Class You Never Knew You Needed

5 Ways to Make Your Mark at Your Next Interview

The Female Authors You Should Check Out This Spring

Endometriosis Awareness Month: My Story

Why Young Adult Novels are More Powerful Than We Think

How to Throw the Ultimate St. Patty's Day Party

Making Long Distance Easy(ish): Five Tips and Tricks

The Most Notable Throwback Toys of Our Generation

Meet "One Less" Treasurer Sarah Holzgrefe

Did You Know....

31 Holidays You Should Be Celebrating This Month

Five Exercises to Try for Great Abs

The Five Best Places to Get Coffee in Cville

The Implications of Leslie Gibson's Heinous Tweet

Julia Davatzes '19

In Celebration of Cynthia Nixon Entering the Race for Governor of New York, Here Are 7 Relatable Miranda GIFs

Apps You Should Download This Spring

The 100 Season 5 is Finally Coming and I am Ready

Five Signs You've Found a Friend for Life

Spring Trends You Need ASAP

How to Best Prep for an Interview

5 Types of Girls at UVA, Based on Their Instagram Accounts

Living with Seventeen Girls: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

6 Songs for a Fun Spring Playlist

5 Movies and Series that Surprisingly Don't Pass the Bechdel Test

It’s Turtle Time! ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Premiered on Wednesday So Here Are 10 Hilarious RHONY GIFs

10 Things I'm Excited to Buy at the 2018 Charlottesville Farmers Market

Spring Survival Kit Review

The Youtube Channels You NEED to Subscribe To

5 Famous People That Prove Failures Won't Ruin Your Life

4 Springtime Looks to Try This Week

Five Reasons You Should Attend Tom Tom Founders Festival

5 Women in Science You Should Know About That Aren't Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin

6 New Eats to Try On the Corner

Ode to Spring

Five Drinks to Try on the Corner

Profile: Fourth Year Student Emily Gray

How to Stay Motivated

The Last Two Weeks of Fourth Year, as Told by Cats

The Gender Conundrum of Personal Assistants

I Went to Target to Check out The New Hunter x Target Collab and Here's What Happened

Reacting to the Season Premiere of Westworld

Cheap Flight Websites for Your Summer Getaway

Five Instagram Dogs You Should Follow Right Now

Four Essentials for a Kick Ass Summer Beach Trip

7 Songs for Summer

6 Interesting Met Gala Facts

5 Easy Ways to Destress During Finals Week

The Most Iconic Met Gala Looks from Recent Years

Summer Beauty and Fashion Essentials

Five Museum Exhibitions You Should See in DC This Summer

10 "The Office" Gifs to Describe the End of Finals

The Joys of Finals

Cooking 101

Reads You Need in Your Beach Bag This Summer  

I've Seen the UVA Ghost Dogs

One Easy, Quick, and Free Way to Save Lives

How to Ask if Guns in Your Community are Safely Stored



Fall 2018, in order of date published

Peter Kavinsky Goes to UVA and I Can't Handle It

6 Facebook Events for Hurricane Florence That Will Make You Click "Going"

Seven Things You Can Learn From Studying Abroad

My Fall Fashion Favorites

The Coziest, Funniest, and Overall Best Show Ever: Gilmore Girls

Four Ways You Can Help Hurricane Florence Victims

I Tried Sushi for the First Time and I LOVED It

Top Ten Best ABBA Songs of ALL TIME

Revamp Your Jewelry Collection! Six Awesome Local Artisans You Should Check Out Right Now!

The BTS Citi Field Concert is This Week and I Can't Handle It.

The 5 Best Ways to (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Life this Fall

What I've Learned at Camp

Falling for the Fall Outdoors

What Color is Tuesday: A Look Inside the Brain of a Synesthete

Breast Cancer is Sh*tty, Check Your Titties: How to Perform a Self-Breast Exam

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – A Role Model to Us All

I Believe Survivors

Clean Vines to Watch When You're Sad

Preparing for Spooky Season

Best Things About October at UVA

The Spoopiest Bob’s Burgers Episodes to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Halloween

My Obsession with All Things Stationery

Midterms Procrastination: Apple Picking Edition

The Ultimate Fall Playlist

5 Sexiest Halloween Costumes of the Season!

Lessons from the Farmers Market

Is Keira Knightley Being Unreasonable for Banning Disney Princess Movies in her Household?!

Dia de Los Muertos versus Halloween: What You Need To Know

Achieve Clear, Radiating Skin in Autumn

5 Hair Colors to Try Out This Fall

Why You Need To Go Listen to Mac Miller's "Swimming" Right NOW

Buxom Big Tease Mascara Review

Stupid Halloween Jokes to Celebrate Halloweekend 2.0

I Got a Tinder and Here's What I Learned

Tastiest Halloween Costumes of the Season

How to Contribute to Thanksgiving as a College Student

Five Margaritas You Have to Try In and Around Charlottesville

I Wore Crocs Everyday for a Week: A Love Story

Major Desk Inspo to Get You Through the Semester    

Recap: UVA Marching Band (and Football) Season 2018

A Reminder to Be Thankful

I Didn't Use My Phone for a Week

Five Winter Wardrobe Staples I Couldn't Live Without

Five Ways to Look Stylish in Sweatpants this Winter

I Went to the Largest Corn Maze in Virginia and Came Out Alive

5 Things I’m Loving with "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power"

Why Corgis Make the Best Pet

The Best Grooves of November

Six Female Led Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

Slowing Down and Taking Breaks

In All the Christmas Hype, You Might be Forgetting These Significant December Festivals

Surviving Finals 101

The Top Ten Christmas Songs

What Your Wahoo Wants This Holiday Season

Milestone Birthdays                                                   

Hi! I'm Summer! I'm a fourth-year biology major at the University of Virginia, and President/Campus Correspondent for HCUVA. I love HC because it elevates the female voice and provides a platform for my passions in an awesome #girlsquad community! I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks for checking out my page, and happy reading!
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