Falling for the Fall Outdoors



Fall is my favorite season. There’s almost no humidity and there are lower temps, so you don’t have to worry about sweating up a storm walking from here to there, and the trees don’t lose their leaves yet. And don’t forget fall flowers. Mums and marigolds are just downright gorgeous. With this spectacular season blossoming around us (so to say), I started to think about things I like to do outside in this weather. I have come up with some of my favorite things to do outside in the Charlottesville area, some old and some I’m excited to try.

1. Leaf pile

Courtesy of Pinterest

This is one strikes home. We’ve all seen scenes in movies of the parents raking a mound of leaves together and the children running up behind to make a dive into the pile. I’ve done it myself plenty of times in my childhood. But why stop then? No matter your age, jumping into a pile of leaves is just fun. Period. (Although, leaves getting stuck in your hair is not as fun as it seems as you get older.)


2. Corn Mazes

Courtesy of Liberty Mills Farm.

If you’re looking for an activity to do with a group, a corn maze is a great idea. Your group can bond in the trials and tribulations of deciding if you should go left, right, or we’ve-already-been-here-twice. You might not know it, but C’ville is only 38 minutes away from Liberty Mills Farm, home of the largest corn maze “east of the Mississippi River,” according to their website. They have four different trails ranked from easiest to hardest, open from September 8 to November 11. Each year, the medium trail is given a different theme, and this year its dinosaurs! Definitely something to consider doing this fall!



3. Pumpkin crafts

Courtesy of Handimania

You’re not into fall or Halloween if you don’t do something with a pumpkin. Carving pumpkins is the most famous of fall crafts but painting them can be just as enjoyable! Plus, the rot time is significantly reduced. A carved pumpkin has a couple weeks of life left while a painted pumpkin could last for a month or two. Need some inspiration? Try glow in the dark paint! You not only get to spice up your pumpkin with different colors but you also don’t have to worry about an open flame. Plus, if you suck at carving (me), painting is so much easier.



4. Apple picking

Courtesy of Buffalo Patch

Going to Carter Mountain and picking apples is a must-do during your time at U.Va. Even if you’re not into picking fruit or into apples, the view from the mountain alone is worth the trip. The orchards on the mountain sprawl out beneath you and so does the city. Couple that view with the changing colors of the trees and you have a fall paradise. While you’re up there, really do try the apples—they’re amazing! And the apple cider doughnuts!


5. Hike Humpback

Courtesy of Hiking Upward

Like I said, fall brings in cooler temperatures, so hiking won’t be that bad sweat-wise. And for those of you groaning about waking up at three in the morning to do hike it—I never said you had to! Although sunrise hiking is the most popular thing to do at Humpback, daytime hiking is just as, if not more (hello sleeping in), fun. Just beware of bears.