The Joys of Finals

In the throes of finals, I’ve been thinking about all the pros that accompany them. I’m sure others can agree, finals may be stressful, but it’s not all bad. Let’s look at a few of the perks, and get excited for what’s to come...

1.   You get to bond with strangers and friends alike over how stressed you are.

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2.   You can engage in the Who-got-the-least-amount-of-sleep game. I only got three hours last night. Oh? I slept for half an hour. Really? I didn’t sleep at all!


3.   You may find that odd item you lost months ago as you frantically search for the calculator, blue book, or other material necessary to take your test in an hour.


4.   You can see just how resilient your body is when you get home after finals and immediately get sick, realizing that it was holding out just long enough to get through your stressful time.​(Photo courtesy of Claudia)​


5.   You get a chance to explore all the libraries. Try a new one every day, even.


6.   You can get a free coffee after completing your punch card in record time!


7.   You learn how comfy your bed really is.


8.   You can binge on junk food because treat yo’ self, it’s finals.


9.   It’s socially acceptable to sleep literally anywhere.

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10.   You get to reflect on a fantastic semester as your tears blur the words on your test booklet.

So get pumped for the rest of finals and study your hearts out knowing you have the above to look forward to!​

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