One Easy, Quick, and Free Way to Save Lives

HEY Y'ALL! Long time, no read! While y'all are hopefully having an amazing summer, HCUVA and HCHarvard have been cooking up a collab! The lovely Audrey Thorne of Harvard University wrote two amazing articles for us this week about ASK Day. What's ASK Day, you ask? Read on! 


Sometimes I log onto Facebook and it feels like I’m endlessly scrolling through tragedies. School shootings are happening almost weekly, toddlers are unintentionally shooting themselves and each other, and the romanticization of mental illness on the internet makes suicide by firearm sound like a thing of beauty rather than the epidemic it is.




It all feels so far away and yet so close to home. How can I help? I’m like 20.



The youth movement for gun reform is on the rise, with groups like Team ENOUGH and Youth Over Guns growing by the day. And there are things we can do without our older counterparts. I don’t want to bank on old, white guys passing legislation.




I mean, we need new laws, so we’ve got to get on the government about that, but I want some concrete things to do in the meantime.


So I’m asking, in person, on social media, and anywhere else I can: Do you have a gun? How is it stored?




82% of firearms used in teen suicides and 75% of guns used in school shootings come from the home. Plus, 8 children and teens are injured or killed in unintentional shootings each day because guns are left unsecured and loaded.  


For almost two decades the Asking Saves Kids (ASK) Campaign has promoted the simple idea that safer storage helps keep kids safe, by encouraging parents to ask if there are unlocked guns in the homes where their children play. Starting this year, it also empowers teens and 20 somethings like me to ask others in their community how they store their guns.




Now, it’s your turn. Next time you visit a friend from college at home for the first time, babysit at a new house, or stay with family, check out the gun situation. Next time you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, post about it. #JustASK. If you have a friend in crisis, check if they have access to a gun at home. It couldn’t hurt. In fact, it could do away with a whole lot of hurt.




For more information go to and and RSVP to the Facebook event here.