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Allaa Soltan


Name: Allaa Soltan

Age: 24

College Chapter: Stony Brook University

Year: Senior

Major: Biology/Neuroscience

Minor: Music

Hobbies: Yoga, Dancing, reading, and voluteering

Top Inspirational quote : you must be the change you want to see in the world

                                                                                                      - Mahtama Ghandi 

If there were top three things I couldn't live without it definitely be my family, chocolate, and music. Those are three things that truly contribute to my life I love my family more than I love chocolate and music combined. Music is dominant factor that has shaped me in many ways growing up I've always been exposed to music and the arts. It has affected my attitude everday and made me a happier person. There is not a time where I need music, I call music my safe haven it keeps on my toes and sane when things get tough.