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starbucks pink and gold stanley tumbler
starbucks pink and gold stanley tumbler
Courtesy of Starbucks
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Starbucks & Stanley Released A Sunset-Inspired Quencher — Here’s How To Get It

We all know the Stanley cup. It has become one of the most popular and beloved drink containers among college students since perhaps the red Solo cup. At this point, it seems like everyone and their mom has a Stanley — and they’re still eager to get their hands on the latest one, especially if it’s a limited-edition release. In response to the demand, Stanley and Starbucks have collaborated once more, this time giving their fans an eye-catching colorway for its iconic Quencher called Sunset Gradient — otherwise known as simply the “pink and gold” cup. 

The pink and gold cup is the fifth collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley. In April, they released a sky-blue color for spring, which went mega viral. Before that, there were other fan-favorites including a winter pink, a holiday red, and a beach-themed cup.

“The latest Starbucks x Stanley Quencher, featuring the warm orange and yellow hues of a summer sunset, can maximize hydration during any hot day,” the Starbucks website says of the new product. The 40-ounce cup has a hot pink straw and handle to match the metallic gold-to-pink gradient on the cup. It was released as part of Starbucks’ summer drinkware lineup.

Many avid Stanley collectors and Starbucks fans have been speculating the summer launch for months now.

Where to get the Starbucks x Stanley pink and gold cup

The retail cost for the tumbler is $54.95, a slight bump from the spring blue option, which was about $50. The new Starbucks x Stanley cup was released at participating Starbucks locations on May 7; however, knowing how quickly special-edition Stanleys sell out, you’d better head to your nearest Starbucks ASAP to see if any are still available.

How to buy Starbucks’ pink and gold Stanley cup online

Currently, there is no option for purchasing the new pink and gold Stanley on Stanley’s or Starbucks’ websites. However, for a steep price, resell websites have many listings for the new cups, with most priced upwards of $150.

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