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What I Spent In A Week As A Graduating Senior In SoCal

In Her Campus’ series Where’d My Money Go?, we’re taking a look at what one college student spends in a week on campus. In this piece, Tess, a student at Chapman University, shares her weekly spending habits.

It’s my fourth and final year of college, and I’m spending more money than ever. The switch from on-campus to off-campus housing and from cafeteria meal plans to weekly grocery shopping has meant that my credit card is getting much more action than my student ID card these days. I don’t follow a strict weekly budget, but I try to be conscious of the ways I’m spending my money. Though, I know I could be doing much better. 

My graduation is in two weeks, so it’s more important than ever for me to be managing my finances diligently. After all, it’ll be the first time in my life that I’m entirely financially independent and in control of how I spend. So, now’s the perfect time to zoom into what I’m actually spending my money on in order to see what I need to change. Here’s a breakdown of what I spent my money on in the past week as a college senior.


11 a.m. — My car was in the shop so I had to take a Lyft to my doctor’s appointment. Luckily, one of my friends was able to pick me up from it. $27.00.

Daily Total: $27


7 p.m. — I picked up a sushi roll and some seaweed salad at my local Japanese restaurant. Absolutely no regrets. $12.93.

Daily Total: $12.93

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photo by tess martinelli
whered my money go?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp
photo by tess martinelli


2 p.m. — I grabbed a protein bar from the student union in between classes to keep the hangry demon within me at bay. $2.79.

Daily Total: $2.79


Nothing! Look at me go.

Daily Total: $0


6:30 p.m. — I waited 45 minutes in the In-N-Out drive-through for a very mediocre burger. But, I blasted musical theater in my car so it was worth it. $6.36.

Daily Total: $6.36


10 a.m. — Obviously, I had to stop into my local coffee shop for an iced beverage. How else am I supposed to lock in and get my work done? $7.00. 

Daily Total: $7.00

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photo by tess martinelli


11 a.m. — I stopped into another coffee shop, but this time I learned not to anxiously tip 30% just because the barista was watching me. $4.67.

3 p.m.: I picked up my prescription at Walgreens and failed to make it out of there before being tempted by snacks and lip liner. $26.31.

Daily Total: $30.98

The only additional expense that I managed to avoid this week was groceries. To be transparent, I typically grocery shop every week and spend about $50 on them. But overall, this was a pretty average week of spending for me. I know that no matter how hard I resist, my week is not complete without one (or several) coffee shop visits. I used to confidently stand by my beverage consumption, but this breakdown served me an espresso shot of reality. 

Weekly Total: $87.06

As I approach graduation, I want to work on being more financially responsible and choosing to invest in things that will eventually save me money. I guess that means it’s time to buy an espresso machine. Done.

Tess is a wellness editorial intern for Her Campus with a passion for covering stories about mental health, culture, relationships, and overall wellness. Tess is currently in her final semester at Chapman University studying broadcast journalism and documentary film. Outside of class, you can find her in a yoga class, on a hike, or watching absurd reality TV.