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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Couple Zav & Muna’s Breakup Drama

One of my favorite things to follow on TikTok are couple accounts. It’s interesting to see a duo’s dynamic, the type of content they choose to share, and how they celebrate their love on the app. A couple that captivated audiences across the platform were Zav and Muna. However, since May 5, things have been getting tense between the online couple, and I’m here to explain what’s going on.

If you don’t follow or are unfamiliar with Zav and Muna, allow me to fill you in. Zav and Muna are a couple on TikTok who have been sharing their romance on their monetized, shared account @zavmuna. Their first video dates back to August 4, 2023, which shows Zav getting Muna a bouquet of flowers and candy before seeing the Barbie movie on National Girlfriend Day. Since then, they’ve been sharing videos showcasing their relationship, from documenting dates they go on to doing couple challenges together.

On May 5, a video of the couple eating at a Vietnamese restaurant was posted to their joint account, and everything seemed normal. That is until Muna stitched the video on May 6 explaining that she and Zav had been broken up for over two months, and have not spoken to each other since then. Yikes! 

Muna shared that Zav broke up with her, and when doing so, said that they should not speak to each other for couple of weeks to give themselves time to process things on their own. She explained that the reason Zav broke up with her was because he felt they weren’t compatible. She also said that he had listed off character flaws he saw in her. But y’all, it gets worse. 


#stitch with @Zav and Muna 🦆 honestly im kinda speechless lol. Sorry if this video is disorganized or im talking slowly, i’m trying to do this in the least messy way possible and i’m honestly not in a good headspace right now. #fyp #couplestiktok #breakup

♬ original sound – m✨

Muna shared that the video Zav posted to their joint account on May 5 was recorded in February and was about 5 days before he broke up with her. 

She went on to say that despite them having a joint TikTok, Zav was in charge of the account and was the only one who had access to the money they made from the TikTok Creator Fund. 

During their relationship, Muna claimed that Zav would tell her the money they made on the account together was shared and that he used the funds to take her on dates and buy her things. 

Now that the couple is broken up and Zav is still posting videos, this means that he’s still profiting from his joint account with Muna.This is so messy. 

People were really feeling for Muna, commenting things like “this is FOUL. He shouldn’t be profiting off of you without even talking to you. I am so sorry, honey,” and “yeaaa he’s gotta pack it up.” 

Zav responded to Muna’s video with one of his own that he posted to his personal TikTok. In the video, he apologized to the fanbase, sharing that it was his fault for not updating them about his and Muna’s breakup and that he was stupid for posting an old video to their joint account. 

But people in the comments were not having it, saying things like “Apologize to Muna, not us,” and “The apology should be to Muna… horrible that she even had to make a video abt something like this in the first place.” 


I’m sorry. I will update soon. I won’t turn comments off and will b transparent ab the situation

♬ original sound – Zav

I really hope things get resolved, because this is messy and not a good look for Zav!

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