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The WNBA’s Multi-Year Partnership With Opill Is Absolutely Iconic

The WNBA was created to highlight and champion women in sports. But in 2024, the league is taking female empowerment to the next level by partnering with Perrigo, the creator of the first over-the-counter birth control pill Opill. Seems to me like the WNBA and Opill are a dream team already.

On April 15, the WNBA hosted its 2024 draft which included record-breaking deals and incredible looks from the finest in women’s basketball. Along with Glossier, SKIMS, and many other amazing brands, Opill was announced as an Associate Partner of the sold-out 2024 WNBA Draft, bringing reproductive rights to the forefront of the league.

Launched in Match 2024, Opill is an FDA-approved, over-the-counter daily birth control pill that’s available at most major retailers nationwide and online. The pill, which is a progestin-only oral contraceptive, is safe and effective when used as directed to help prevent pregnancy — just like any other prescribed birth control pill. Only this time, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get a prescription in states where Opill is approved.

The WNBA has been known to back various important causes and policies throughout the years. Since 1997, the league has supported LGBTQ+ rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, reproductive justice, and more. Additionally, for the upcoming season, the league’s social justice council (made up of players Alysha Clark, Layshia Clarendon, Breanna Stewart, and Brianna Turner) is focusing on civic engagement and reproductive health advocacy.

“At the WNBA, we are committed to addressing issues that matter to the players, and expanding access to reproductive healthcare is one of those key issues,” said Colie Edison, WNBA Chief Growth Officer in an April 9 press release. “It’s great to be working with a partner whose values align and authentically integrates into the health equity work our players are dedicated to.”

Collie also told Fast Company, “The WNBA has been more than just a sports league, catalyst of progress. We’re dedicated to fostering access, and education around women’s health, we view women’s health as society’s health.”

With viewership for the WNBA on the rise, spectators should expect to see social media campaigns and programs designed to educate college students on contraception options and reproductive health.

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