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Tana Mongeau Talked About Her Relationship With Her Biological Mom On A Tearful ‘Cancelled’ Podcast Episode

Tana Mongeau, internet personality, influencer, and podcaster, recently opened up about her biological mom on the Cancelled podcast starring her and Brooke Schofield. Since the podcast usually revolves around crazy stories, internet drama, and lighter, sillier topics, the most recent episode had the hosts, and the viewers, emotional.

On May 4, the episode titled “Tana and Brooke unpack their childhood trauma together…” was uploaded, and it was all about Tana and Brooke’s experiences growing up with their birth parents and how it’s affected them throughout their lives. Tana, who ended up being taken in by her best friend’s parents, gives viewers and listeners across the globe a tell-all about a recent interaction with her birth mom in this episode. 

In the podcast episode, Tana’s birth mom tried to regain contact with her and showed up at a poker competition Tana was playing. While Tana was participating in the poker game, her birth mom confronted her boyfriend, Makoa, who immediately warned Tana about her presence at the event. “Even if we started off brand new, she would show up and be like, ‘I’m Tana’s mom!’ and that sh*t would piss me off,” Tana said. “Like no! I’m Tana’s mom! Deborah [her best friend’s mom] is my mom! Brooke’s my mom! Literally everyone else would be above her.” 

Tana went on to explain how her life is so much better now, especially since finding a community of people who can relate to what she’s gone through with her parents. “I think it’s just recognizing the mental illness and accepting it for what it is,” she explained, “and everything always ended in me feeling so sh*tty. I would love to connect, but I know that there is a 95% chance that this is going to end with me feeling the same pain of feeling helplessness and small.”

ICYMI, Tana and her parents have a very strained relationship. In a February 2023 interview on the H3 podcast, Tana revealed that her parents, Richard and Rebecca Mongeau, sought millions in damages and sued her for slander. According to Tana, her parents were upset about some things she said on her MTV reality show, MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau. “I don’t wanna see them ever again,” Tana said. “I don’t wanna talk to them ever again. I don’t wanna feel that way ever again. I don’t wanna watch them defend all of the sh*t that they did to me.”

Tana has also opened up about her childhood in several videos. Most notably, Tana uploaded a video in 2018 about her childhood titled “finally opening up about growing up/my insane dad.” And while the video was funny on the surface, fans were quick to call out that her father’s behavior was not OK. 

With Tana’s vulnerability on the Cancelled podcast came a rush of support from all sides of the internet. One YouTube commenter writes, “This vulnerability and willingness to talk about real shit is hands down the reason why the Cancelled podcast is so successful and why many listeners find relatability in the content.” Another top comment says, “I think anyone who can sit in front of a camera and talk about anything so personal and vulnerable is one hell of a strong person.”

On TikTok, users were gushing over Tana’s boyfriend, Makoa, about how well he’s protected and supported her throughout the entire incident. One comment (with 20.9k likes) on a video posted by @tanaandbrookeclips reads, “Makoa has your back, he’s such a good dude.” The rest of the comments on the video come from other fans showing their support and love for Tana and the way she’s handled the entire situation with her mom.

As social media continues to be the main source and outlet for gaining communities across the globe, it’s clear that Gen Zers value openness, honesty, and vulnerability. The digital atmosphere is as welcoming and open as it’s ever been before; allowing people from all different backgrounds to come forward and share their experiences about any and everything.

Since Tana is a leading influencer in the social media space, hearing her story is not only admirable but inspiring to other Gen Zers and teens alike. Her ability to share her experience on such a large scale is not something many people can do, and social media users across the world are definitely appreciative that she did.

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