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Spring weather is coming, collegiettes! It’s time to toss your beloved chunky sweaters aside in the name of spring dresses. With trends and styles continually evolving each season, finding the perfect dress that both flatters and complements your shape can be difficult. Luckily, Elizabeth Kamm, freelance stylist and style consultant, lent us her expert opinion on spring dresses for every body type. Check out the tips and picks below for the perfect spring number to bring your best features forward. Frock on, collegiettes! Full Bust “The best neckline for a full bust is a deep V or a halter,”...
Music Festival season has begun, collegiettes! Free People, the ultimate source for bohemian fashion and festival wear, is ready for its favorite season with a new Festival Muse line, which has “everything you need for a season full of music and magic under the sun and the stars.” The line has Free People’s usual wide-brimmed hats, fringe-heavy sack purses and bangles, but now you can also express your music festival alter ego through garlands ($35), tie-dyed blankets ($69), handpainted tambourines ($60), and even beach tent teepees ($285). Be sure to check out everything in their new line...
Forever 21 is a dream come true for the collegiette on a budget, but shopping at the mega-store can be a frustrating experience. Here are 21 thoughts we've all had when shopping at Forever 21!  1. I'm going to find the perfect going-out look for this weekend. 2. Why is this store so overwhelmingly huge?  3. SO. MANY. CLOTHES. 4. Where do I even start? 5. Is this a shirt or a dress? 6. There are way too many preteens in this store.  7. I should probably stock up on leggings while I'm here.