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It’s Friday and you have a full day ahead of you at your internship, but you’re going out later for your bestie’s birthday. Your shoe pick for work is a sophisticated strappy heel, but you want to wear some edgy platforms tonight for a sleeker look (not to mention they’re way comfier!). What’s a girl to do? Carry around a second pair all day, or just wear work shoes to dinner? Frustrating, huh?   Fortunately, this is a dilemma you might never have to deal with again, because OneClique has come up with a really clever and fun solution: shoe separates (why did we not think of that?!).    
The two youngest members of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan aren’t just the adorable younger siblings any more. The reality show child stars-turned-models (turned...designers? Business women? They've done it all!) have become some of the most coveted it girls in the fashion world. If you’ve ever wished these fashionistas could give you some style pointers, you're in luck. The sister duo recently came out with a new shoe line, which they designed for Madden Girl, and released some sassy and fabulous videos to celebrate: Here are some of our personal favorite looks: 1. ‘Lunaaa’ Sandal...
It was love at first sight when we started scrolling through Denver-based boutique Goldyn's online shop. The brick-and-mortar store was founded in 2007 by Vanessa Barcus, a Colorado-born fashionista who became inspired by the fashion-forward mindset of LA and decided to bring cutting-edge style back to her home state. Her Campus was lucky enough to be able to talk with Barcus about her vision for Goldyn as well as her own personal style, including her must-have fashion items. The chic and minimalist boutique has gained an impressive following in Denver for offering carefully chosen and...