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Here’s Your Sign To Throw A Solar Eclipse Party (With These Adorable Decorations, OFC)

Attention all the astronomy and astrology queens! There’s going to be a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8 and it’s safe to say that I will be putting on a pair of eclipse glasses and staring into the Sun (safety first, y’all). A total solar eclipse like this one isn’t happening again in the United States for another 20 years. Why not use this phenomenon as an excuse to throw a celestial-themed, solar eclipse party while you watch the show go down? 

At 11:07 a.m. PDT, the Moon will begin to pass between the Sun and the Earth, completely blocking the Sun’s face in some states. The darkness could last four whole minutes in some places (which is kind of blowing my mind). I highly recommend serving all of the space-themed snacks you can find, from Moon Pies to Starbursts to Cosmic Brownies. You’re also gonna need some decor to match these major Sun and Moon vibes. Luckily, Amazon has a variety of starry tapestries, iridescent banners, LED string lights, solar system decorations, and more to choose from. I’ve collected 12 of my fave planet-themed items that totally scream space (despite the fact you cannot actually scream in space). 

Soluna Solar Eclipse Glasses AAS Approved 2024 ($15)

First thing first: buy some eclipse glasses! You can seriously damage your eyes looking directly at the Sun, so make sure you and your friends are protected. These glasses are perfect protection and can double as party decor if you buy some extras. 

Erke Moon and Sun Throw Blanket Celestial Chair Recliner Cover Bed Spread ($29)

I’m obsessed with this Moon and Sun throw blanket. It’s perfect for keeping cozy and adds some boho vibes to your place.

Wonrizon Sun and Moon Tapestry ($10)

Who doesn’t love a good tapestry? If this one doesn’t give eclipse energy, IDK what will. Bonus: it’s also giving Twitches (iykyk).

THE ART BOX Sun and Moon Tapestry ($13)

We have more options, people! If the first tapestry didn’t match your vibe, maybe this one will. It’s got Sun, Moon, and constellations galore. 

UZER LED Bobo Balloons ($12)

These light-up balloons are trippy AF. They would definitely add that much-needed celestial ambiance to the function. 

Joyberg 2 Pack Space Tablecloth ($8)

A starry tablecloth will take your decor to the next level. Imagine serving a mocktail Tequila Sunrise and some Cosmic Brownies on it. Chef’s kiss. 

U.S. Toy Inflatable Astronaut Toy ($8)

Um. Yeah, so this is a need (eclipse party or not). This inflatable astronaut is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. 

Fielegen LED String Light Astronaut Spaceship Rocket Pendants ($14)

Is this for kids? Yes. Is it epic? Also yes. Light up your eclipse party with these colorful astronaut-themed string lights.

JIKAL Star Moon Shaped Pillow Soft Velvet Nursery Stuffed Throw Pillows ($33)

The easiest way to make your couch match the theme is with a throw pillow! This moon throw pillow looks super soft and is extremely cute. 

ModernMade Glow in The Dark Blanket ($30)

The Moon causes total darkness for four minutes in your state? No problem. This starry blanket glows in the dark! 

Pinkblume Iridescent Star Moon Circle Dot Garland Party Decoration ($13)

This twinkling star wall decor is a must-have for a solar eclipse party. TBH, I’d keep it up in my room even after the party was over. 

All this talk about the Moon and eclipses made me realize I forgot to look at Co-Star today. BRB, I gotta go check my horoscope.

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