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Glossier Invisible Shield Is All Over TikTok & It’s Worth The Hype

Have you seen Glossier’s new sunscreen on TikTok? Of course you haven’t, because it’s invisible. (LOL, got you on that one.) But seriously, the Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 50 ($32) is all over the internet — and it goes on clear and stays clear. It’s no wonder everyone on TikTok is giving it a try. 

Glossier made its first version of this sunscreen back in 2017 with SPF 35. Now, it’s back and better than ever with a stronger protection formula. Glossier’s April 16 Instagram post was all about their new invisible SPF 50 sunscreen, declaring it “the sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen.” They may have sold me there. 

I am a self-declared sunscreen hater (which is going to end up doing more harm than good, sadly) because I hate the feeling of having slimy sunscreen on my face all day. Despite how much I despise sunscreen, it is super important for your skin, y’all. The Invisible Shield SPF 50 is said to leave no greasy residue or a white cast. Bonus: it doubles as a makeup primer. So, is it actually invisible and non-greasy? Does it really work under makeup? Beauty TikTokers are putting Glossier’s newest sunscreen to the test.

Beauty TikToker Oriana Siphanoum gave the Invisible Shield a try for herself. She used the two-finger rule of sunscreen application (putting a line of sunscreen on your pointer and middle fingers). She even tested how it looked with a full face of makeup afterward. “I would say it works very well with makeup and there’s no piling. I have oily skin and this has somewhat of a matte finish because I’m not looking greasy,” she said. It looks like Oriana approves.


should i compare this to supergoop unseen sunscreen? trying glossier’s new invisible shield sunscreen with and without makeup on my oily, medium skin 🧴✨🌤️ #glossier #invisibleshield #sunscreen #nowhitecastsunscreen #spf #sunscreenviral #sunscreenreview @Glossier

♬ original sound – oriana

TikToker Dacey Cash also tried out this sunscreen with makeup. “Everything is slightly more satin. Although it’s subtle, it definitely does have a slight effect on the finish of the makeup,” she said. She had a bit of an opposite opinion than Oriana in terms of how matte it is. “I don’t feel like it’s mattifying my skin. I don’t like a mattifying sunscreen so I like that this one isn’t making my skin look dry,” she said. Glossier’s sunscreen may have mastered the ability to save your skin from looking dry, but also not oily simultaneously. How iconic. 

Skincare influencer Tanicha Rose declared herself as an oily girly as she tested out Glossier’s invisible sunscreen. “It actually doesn’t make my skin feel greasy at all. My skin looks absolutely stunning. This is definitely gonna be a new favorite,” she said in her TikTok. 


Introducing your new favorite SPF 🤝 #GlossierPartner @Glossier’s Invisible Shield SPF 50+ goes on clear leaving absolutely no white cast… the sorcery!! 🤯 #glossier #sunscreen #spf #nowhitecastsunscreen #spftest

♬ original sound – Tanicha Rose

TikToker Taylor Bosman said it has a “very, very light sunscreen scent,” in her testing video. She explained that the sunscreen didn’t leave a film on top of her face. “Wow, that’s really good. I’m gonna just keep this on my vanity,” she said. It looks like she has a new fave sunscreen. 


this makes me so excited for summer 😤 reviewing the new @Glossier invisible shield spf 50 sunscreen!! #glossier #glossiersunscreen #sunscreenreview #spf

♬ original sound – tay

Consider me influenced. I really, really want to give the Invisible Shield sunscreen a try. Thank you, Glossier, for looking out for the sunscreen haters like me!

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