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Boxer Shorts Are Summer’s Cutest (& Comfiest) Staple

Summer is a season that’s difficult to style in general. In winter, the power of coats, scarves, and layering makes for super stylish and never-ending outfit options. In summer, it’s too hot to be doing all of that. That’s why the summer season is the perfect time to try something new and take some fashion risks! TikTok, as usual, is on top of the best fashion trends to beat the heat. With an overwhelming amount of videos, fashion creators have dubbed cute boxer shorts as the shorts for summer 2024. 

I know there are some mixed feelings going around online about whether or not to be caught dead wearing a pair of boxer shorts, so here’s what I have to say to that (*clears throat*): they’re literally so cute. Case closed. Fashion brands from PacSun to French Collection are selling drones of unisex boxer shorts in a variety of colors and lengths. Daily Drills’ boxer shorts are completely sold out right now. There’s no denying boxer shorts are popping off right now. Whether it’s by wearing a tankini swimsuit top or throwing on a pair of boxers, this summer is going to give fashion. Summer, can you come any faster?


Ok last boxer short video for a while (a few days) i am experiencing boxer short fatigue 😭 but also i luv them 🩷 ib @Becky #fashion #springfashion #styletips #outfitideas #nyc #howtostyle

♬ syrup by solomon – joe ♡

Want to give boxer shorts a try? Here are 12 of the cutest boxers I’ve found online. 

John Galt White & Blue Striped Boxer Shorts ($18)

These blue and white boxer shorts are more affordable than other brands and look super breathable. With these, I’d opt for a more comfy look and pair them with a baby tee and a blue accessory as an accent. 

Free People Movement Intimately Sunday Morning Boxer Shorts ($28)

Available in sage green, blue, and white plaid, and light pink plaid, these boxers can be mixed and matched in so many ways. You can wear them high-waisted or fold them over for a more carefree look. The possibilities are endless. 

Speltham London Red Striped Classic Unisex Boxers ($38)

We LOVE a classic red boxer short. Sleep in these. Wear them to the beach. Wear them on a hike. It’s giving versatility. 

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Remnants Made In LA Button Front Boxer Short ($35)

I’m actually so in love with Urban Outfitter’s boxers. Multi-colored?! Sign me up. Pair these with a white button-up blouse or white crop top and you’re ready to go. 

French Connection Stripe Shirting Shorts ($58)

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a pair of boxers, these are a great option. Available in brown and green, these high-waisted beauties paired with a tank top are bound to cause a scene at the beach.

Zara 2 Pack of Mixed Poplin Boxers ($30)

Two for $30? Yes, please. Zara has multiple of these two-pack boxers in different colors, so run and grab them while you can!

Gap 3 Pack Boxers ($15)

Are these categorized under Gap’s men’s underwear? Yes. Are they more affordable and super cute? Also, yes. Who says underwear can’t be high fashion?

Gap 3 Pack Boxers

Beverly & Beck Striped Boxer Shorts ($25)

The Beverly & Beck boxers are high-waisted, loose-fitting, and have pockets, y’all! Let me re-emphasize the importance of pockets. These boxers are eating. 

Things Between Boyfriend Boxer Shorts ($36)

What screams summer more than a vibrant pop of color? The Boyfriend Boxers are available in lavender and blue, and blue and yellow. They would look amazing with a sweatshirt or an oversized t-shirt. 

Mooyidw Lounge Plaid Shorts ($15)

This brand on Amazon has over fifteen colors of boxers to choose from. If you’re still not sure if you’ll love boxers but want to give them a try, I’d go with one of these.

Cotton On Boyfriend Boxer Short ($25)

Calling everyone looking for a pair of long and baggy boxers! These might be just what you’re looking for. They even have adorable lace trimming. Match them with a form-fitting top or a bikini top and you’re ready to slay the day. 

Edikted Lea Boxer Shorts ($35)

The Lea Boxer Shorts are only available online! PacSun stays winning with all these boxer short varieties. I have no choice but to stan. 

So, are boxer shorts a slay or nay? I might need to ditch my jean shorts this summer and buy a pair of boxers to see for myself. 

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