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Sunsets and beachy summers go hand-in-hand. Personally, I’m not capable of waking up early enough to watch the sunrise during the summer, so I’ll take sunsets over the crack of dawn any day. Well, I hope my fellow sunset enthusiasts are sitting down, because TikTok has a new beauty trend and it’s all inspired by those beautiful oranges and pinks we see right before nightfall. Introducing: the sunset blush phenomenon. 

Sunset blush is gorgeous. In my opinion, it’s definitely one of TikTok’s more creative and artistic makeup trends. Why only paint sunsets on a canvas with acrylics when you can paint them on your cheeks with blush? Sunset blush is definitely a result of the popularity of vibrant blush looks right now, especially with celebs like Sabrina Carpenter wearing bold blush at quite literally every outing. This makeup trend is super versatile and looks amazing on all skin tones. Whether you’re tanning at the beach or taking a summer day stroll, sunset blush can be worn anywhere. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Sunset blush looks kinda intimidating. Don’t panic (really don’t). TikTok has tons of sunset blush tutorials, and I’m sharing my top ones with you all. 


If only i was at the beach rn 🥲

♬ original sound – Alissajanay

Simplified, sunset blush is all about placement and blending. Beauty Tiktoker Alissa Holmes does this look by placing two dots of hot pink liquid blush high on her cheekbones and two dots of bright orange right below that. She also adds a swipe of liquid gold highlighter on top and blends it all out with a brush, using a blotting motion. Don’t be afraid to blend the pink into your temples. The results are insanely beautiful. 


Ok I’m loving this sunset blush trend 🤩 definitely going to be my go-to for the summer! IB: @Alissajanay #sunsetblush #liquidblush #blushtrend #darkskinmakeup @elfcosmetics @Rare Beauty

♬ Wetin – Yarden

DC lifestyle creator @ayeyiathome used an almost identical method to create the sunset blush look. Instead of only using pink and orange, she also adds two dots of a purple Fuschia-colored liquid highlighter above the pink. Ayeyi blends from bottom to top using the same blotting motion and ends up looking stunning. 


Replying to @Jotovid i HAD to try sunset blush again but this time with POWDERS 👀🤌🏾 (ib @Alissajanay) products @HausLabs powder blush @Juvia’s Place blush duo #makeuptutorial #blush #blushhack #summermakeup #makeuptrend

♬ original sound – kamille <3

Makeup TikToker Kamille Gregory proved that sunset blush can be done with powdered blushes. For powdered blushes, add a deep red or pink color to the top of your cheekbones first. Pack it on there, queen! Then, using a new brush, place orange right underneath that. Make sure to use another clean brush to blend it out, but try not to blend the colors too much. We’re trying to get that perfect ombré effect. Gregory finishes the look off with a gold eyeshadow at the top. A slay to end all slays. 

Influencer @keilani.olivia used a ton of gold in the middle of her sunset blush and it looked amazing. The eye-catching gold definitely adds a layer of depth and vibrance to the makeup. It’s giving summer music festival vibes. 

See y’all? Sunset blush isn’t too difficult. All you need is pink and orange blushes and some gold highlighter. The artistry of it all is chef’s kiss. I’m about to make this trend my new personality trait. 

Zetta Whiting

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