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Here Are The Best Spring Bath & Body Works Candles To Brighten Up Your Space With

Spring is around the corner, and the sun is beginning to shine through the gray clouds. That only means spring scents from Bath & Body Works are upon us, and I couldn’t be happier. I know for me, I’m always looking for candles that pair with colder weather and the end-of-year holidays, but so many of us are sleeping on these spring scents. From tropical and fruity to flowery scents, these three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works will leave your room smelling like spring. 

And what’s the best part of spring? Summer is that much closer! If you’re ready for the semester to be over and spring break just isn’t enough time, Bath & Body Works has the candles to put you in the mood for summer. Ladies, pull out your wallets and get ready to stock up on the best Bath & Body Works spring candles. What’s better than filling the room with sweet, summery scents and notes of fresh fruit, island breezes, and spring flowers? That’s right, Bath & Body Works has it all. 

Of course, there’s a sale going on right now, too. As of Feb. 22, Bath & Body Works is offering $10 off any $30 purchase for Rewards members if you use the code YESTOSALE. You will want to take advantage of these fresh-smelling candles for even less!

Waikiki Beach Coconut

Spring break is coming up shortly, and this candle brings back tropical vacation memories. With notes of fresh saltwater breezes, coconut, and sun-bleached woods, Waikiki Beach Coconut is a candle for those who love a beach vacation.

Pink Pineapple Sunrise

If tropical fruits are your cup of tea, you’re in for a treat. The pretty pink wax candle has notes of sweet pink pineapple, palm sugar, and juicy sweet nectar. If that’s not the most Barbie-sounding candle in the game, I’m not sure what it is.


Sometimes, we want our rooms to smell like a tropical rainforest while we put on background music and head to bed. To go along with your white sound, pick up this tropical rainforest and passion flower-scented candle. Whenever I see a photo of Hawaii and the misty tropical forests, I crave that smell and want to go on a three-hour hike. Maybe this candle will imitate my dreams, and I’ll be in my Hawaiian world in my room.

Fresh Cut Lilacs

If you didn’t receive flowers this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret. I’ve found the perfect candle that smells like a fresh flower bouquet and soft spring air. Having a fresh bouquet in the house makes the room feel fresh. This candle is great for those who crave that floral smell and want something to freshen up the house this spring!

Fiji White Sands

Need a vacation and can’t find the time to take time off from work or school? Here’s the candle that’ll make you feel like you’re on a tropical beach in Fiji. With notes of fresh sugar cane, white nectarine, and sandalwood, boom, you’ll be on vacation for much less than a flight would cost.

Daffodil Daydreams

Flowers are the first sign of spring in full bloom, and this candle is the best representation of that floral scent. Whipped marshmallows, pastel clouds, and sweet daffodils all mixed in one candle sounds like heaven, and I need to be there. Cue the spring festivities! 

Fresh Bamboo

Need a nature walk but don’t want to leave bed? Fresh bamboo smells like a refreshing floral jungle nature walk with notes of sweet bamboo, jasmine, and wild grasses.

beach Weather

A nice cocktail and my toes in the sand sounds like the ideal summer day, and this candle will make you feel like summer is tomorrow. It’s giving island coconuts falling from palm trees and blue waves crashing in front of my eyes.

Sweet Kiwi & Starfruit

This one’s for the besties who love a fresh bowl of fruit and sweet scents. Sweet Kiwi & Starfruit has notes of golden kiwi, juicy starfruit, and a light solar wood scent, making the room smell sweet.

Sunset In Maui

If the title of this candle doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. A sunset makes everyone smile — especially if yummy, fruity island drinks are involved — so what’s better than that imitated in a candle? This candle smells like you’re watching the sunset on a warm summer day with notes of sweet papaya, hibiscus flowers, and ripe pineapple.

Fresh Sheets

Having fresh scents in the house is my favorite. That fresh laundry smell from the dryer is the best smell, and it can never go wrong. Bath & Body Works came through with this candle smelling like clean lavender, crisp citrus, and those fresh, clean sheets in the wash.

Main Street Bakery

If you’re looking for a scent to bring you into a bakery with fresh scents of vanilla wafers and cinnamon sugar, this one’s for you. Sweet scents are the best way to get a warm vibe in your room, and this one smells divine!

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