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Mariela Rodriguez

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Spicy Shoe Styles for Spring 2013



Ladies you already know all the types of shoes there are: wedges, platforms, sandals, boots, pumps, flats, high heels and mid-heels. These shoes come in different styles and colors. But for every season there is always a new, popular style.

There are two specific colors you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe. The new trend of black and white. It’s already the Spring Season 2013, and black and white are not only the colors you possibly would want to consider wearing.

Vivid colors like: yellow(Lemon Zest), orange(Nectarine), green(Emerald, Grayed Jade, Tender Shoots), purple(African Violet), red(Poppy Red), and blue(Monaco Blue) are colors you should take into account when shopping for some hot shoes for this Spring season 2013. Although of all of the colors on our list, the top color for this spring is the green in the Emerald and Grayed Jade shades. 



Makeup Tricks for the Eyes, Lips, and Nose



Check out these awesome make up tips that will leave the guys drooling!

How to Make the Eyes Look bigger

You can wear fake eyelashes or eye liner on top (especially thick). If you want you can create the winged eyeliner look by drawing points on the end of the eye. Make sure when you are doing the eye liner you take the bottom liner only halfway. Next, apply a light color on lid space and then a color a few shades darker than your skin on the crease. A darker color on the outer portion of the eyelid and the outer part of the crease is always helpful.


How to Make the Lips Look Bigger

If you want to make your lips bigger than always have—lipgloss.  A light pinkish or nude color is best. It can be applied to your lips with a lip brush. The first step is to apply the brush on the lip line. Then the second step is to tap. Next take a darker color of lipgloss or lipstick and rub it on your lips.

Holiday Gifts for Him


Wondering what to buy for your boyfriend or hubby for this Christmas? Before you read any further, just keep in mind that not all men are the same. Your boyfriend or hubby might be a fanatic of football or just enjoy all types of sports. For that reason, ask yourself a few questions:

1)      What is his favorite sport?

2)      What is his clothing style?

3)      What is he passionate about? (Perhaps music, computers, cars, etc.)

4)      What does he dislikes? (Just so you can avoid purchasing him the wrong gift.)

If you are still not sure what gift to purchase him after asking yourself the previous questions, then maybe the following tips will give you some gift ideas.

Here are some tips that you probably heard about before:


You can purchase him a shirt or a sweater similar to the ones you normally see him wear. Also, you can purchase him a jacket or a coat that you can picture him wearing.


Perhaps you can purchase him shoes for work or regular sneakers, but obviously identical to the brand that he wears.


If he wears cologne, then you can purchase him his favorite type or another kind of cologne that you are sure he will like.


If he wears jewelry, you have the chance of purchasing him a special necklace, ring, or watch with a special meaning. Be creative! Many young men these days wear wristbands or leather bracelets as well, which can be an extra addition to your gift.

Baroque, School Girl, Neo Gothic, Capes and Cloaks: What Fashion Fall Trend is Your Style?


Ladies, have you watched on television or seen in magazines all of the fashion fall trends for 2012? Don’t panic if you haven’t! You’ll learn about some of them on the following pages. But before you continue, you must learn about clothing that is the key to this year’s trend:

Prints and the color red. The roaring 20s as well as leather skirts. Varsity jackets designed especially for school girls. Animal motifs, tartan, plaid and androgynous fashion (considered as a niche fall/winter trend). Textured sleeves, peplums and denim (which come in “coloured” jeans).



Associated with the Baroque Movement, this fashion trend can draw the public’s or the audience’s attention because it will stand out with jewelry. For example, tapestry, embroidery or gold lead were a few accessories designers used for their models during a fashion show.


The School Girl

This fashion trend is reinvented for fall 2012. It makes the school girl look rebellious, but cute in a unique way. In order to rock this trend on the hallways of a school, girls can wear a long knee skirt and a jacket with a simple shirt inside. Accessories are a must to complete this look. 

5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Beautiful


Ladies, to keep ourselves looking and feeling healthy and beautiful inside and out we must follow some basic steps that are easily forgotten while keeping up with busy lives. Not everything we eat or do is good to help us accomplish these goals and prevent us from disease. Discover the simple steps to help you excel into having a healthy body inside and out.

1. Eat healthy.
Not many people enjoy eating healthy but it is a must. Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Well with our environment being so contaminated we need antioxidants in our bodies. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are primary sources for this. They prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and also nourish our inside organs.

Likewise, eat foods that contain oil for the body such as walnuts, fat fish and linseeds. You may want to also eat plenty of fiber because it can help cleanse your intestines which will help maintain a healthy body. Before starting your day, eat a nutritious breakfast and try to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. A good nutritious breakfast will keep your body active and prevent it from aging while the water will keep your body hydrated.

Try to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; these two are disastrous for your body. Your body will not get hydrated when you drink or smoke. It is also beneficial to avoid too much tea, coffee and red wine to keep your teeth looking fabulous.

Also, make sure you have enough calcium in your body; calcium supports the bones to keep your body strong. And last but not least avoid drugs unless they’re prescribed ones.

Remembering Some of the Great Women's Achievements


Women have overcome major struggles over the past century giving us collegiette’s the freedom to vote, work in whatever we choose and attend college; however, too often we do not remember the crucial events in our history that paved the way for our success. 

Although last month was Women’s History Month, as collegiette’s we should take time every month to recall all the great strides toward women’s rights.  The first Women’s History Week recognized by congress was in 1982 and the first Women’s History Month recognized by congress was in 1987.

 In the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s women wanted more options than just being stay-home moms; they wanted freedom and rights.

In so many ways women have gained freedom and rights but women are still competing to have equal rights in terms of salaries and careers, as well as breaking double standards and negative perceptions of women.

On August 26, 1920 Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th amendment which stated that women had the right to vote. Although this was just the beginning, thanks to that amendment women were granted an opportunity that would end up opening even more doors for achieving goals.

A more recent women’s achievement includes all collegiettes; women have gained a permanent place in higher education and are well known to have the highest percentage of college graduates.

In 2005 USA Today reported that women make up 57% of all college students, confirming that females are attending college even more than males.

All types of women around the globe continue to make great progress as each year passes, gaining their bachelors, masters or Ph.D, and rising to the top as CEOs, politicians, scientists, writers and much more.

Top Ten Colors for Spring 2012


Collegiettes, spring is here and summer is just around the corner! We all want to look our best at school, work, and even at home with the latest color trends for spring 2012.

Luckily, the Pantone Fashion Color Report has announced the top 10 colors of spring 2012.
Colors such as Margarita and Tangerine Tango will likely place images in your head of delicious beverages you can sip on while relaxing on the beach or while simply enjoying the fabulous warm weather.

Well if you like purple, you will probably delight in wearing Bellflower. We all already know that when flowers blossom in spring they bring joy to nature and Bellflower will bring just that to your wardrobe!

Cabaret is a strong magenta color that you’ll love if you enjoy wearing pinks or reds; this color will help create a classy and sexy look.

If you’re a blue fanatic, you will likely adore Cockatoo, a blue-green just like the Caribbean ocean.

Also, if you like neutral colors such as beige like the desert, Driftwood is the perfect choice because it is a balanced blend of gray and beige. 

If you don’t really like yellow, Margarita will make you think twice because of its soft green-yellow color and unique glow.

Sodalite Blue, known as a maritime hue is a bold but peaceful color that will put your mind at ease in any situation.

 The golden yellow color that transmits warmth and energy is Solar Power; wear this color if you want to stand out and shine in your own fabulous way.

The Ladies of American Idol


On Feb. 29 the American Idol judges admitted that they did not direct any negative comments towards the guys the night before.  One of the judges, the global icon Jennifer Lopez said that they were too soft on the guys; however, the girls weren’t too lucky that night as the harsh comments rolled in.

The first girl to perform was Chelsea. The judges didn’t quite agree with the song she had chosen to sing and had expected her to pick a song that could have proven what a great singer she really is.

The second performance by Erika did not go to well either. Steven Tyler liked the way she hit her notes and the confidence she exposed on stage, but Jennifer Lopez felt that she was holding back a little with the song. Meanwhile, Randy Jackson wasn’t too sure if she did as well as he had expect her to. A few minutes later, Erika said that J-Lo’s comment definitely concerned her.

These girls weren’t the only ones to hear bitter comments coming from the judges.  After Baylie Brown performed the judges told her that they didn’t approve the song she chose. Just like in Erika’s case, the judges thought she could have done a better job. The only positive comment she heard from the judges was that she is a very beautiful young woman, which will not be enough to keep her in the competition.

Once again, Haley Johnson’s performance left the judges thinking the song she selected was not the best choice. “It was kind of pitchy and I thought it was a nightmare instead of a sweet dream,” said Randy Jackson.

84th Academy Awards Red Carpet Recap


Days before the Academy Awards took place; workers were trying to have the red carpet perfectly set on the ground.  One of the workers said on Friday night to a news reporter that he wanted to make sure his job was well done.  And it was, because on February 26, 2012 at 5:00pm Eastern time, the 84th annual Academy Awards opened up with many Co-Hosts, fans and photographers all ready to greet the celebrities that night.
Some of those celebrities were Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, George Clooney, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, who was nominated for best supporting actress, Rooney Mara, who was also nominated but  for best actress, Maya Rudolph, Jessica Chastain, Tina Fey, Emma Stone, who was going to present that night, and many more. Of course, the Entertainment Channel of Hollywood was there with their main Co-Hosts, Giuliana Rancic, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Osbourne, along with others.

Remembering Whitney Houston


“If I should stay, I would only be in your way, so I'll go, but I know I'll think of you every step of the way. And I will always love you, I will always love you, you, my darling you. Bittersweet memories, that is all I'm taking with me, so goodbye, please don't cry. We both know I'm not what you, you need.”
These are just a few of the words from the song, “I will always love you,” written and performed by Dolly Parton years ago. Years later, Whitney Houston sang it with so much intensity and greatly impacted her fans.