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Here’s Where To Buy Zendaya’s “I Told Ya” Tee From ‘Challengers’ Before It’s Sold Out

It’s all about tennis, love, and war in the upcoming film Challengers. As one of 2024’s most anticipated movies, starring Zendaya, many can’t wait for this film to hit theaters on April 26. Some fans are even excited about the fashion direction that was chosen for the film, thanks to British designer Jonathan Anderson.

While athletic shorts, polo tees, and tennis skirts comprise the movie’s theme, one piece of clothing stands out and it’s the comeback of a ’90s “I Told Ya” that holds some cultural significance.

The tee’s inspired by a shirt jfk jr. wore in the ’90s.

Challengers centers around Tashi Duncan (played by Zendaya), a professional tennis player who becomes a coach after getting severely injured during a match. She finds herself entangled in a love triangle with fellow tennis player Patrick Zweig (played by Josh O’Connor) and Art Donaldson (played by Mike Faist), who go on to compete for her love.

With both men falling in love with Tashi, their friendship becomes strained, leading them to eventually drift apart. Years later, Tashi tries to help Art, her husband, get out of a losing streak. Things take a turn when he is set to go up against Patrick, his former best friend, and Tashi’s ex-boyfriend.

In the film’s trailer, both Tashi and Patrick are seen wearing “I Told Ya” tees, which is a term that indicates a condescending demeanor to prove one’s point. It could possibly mean that Tashi was right about something she said, which could have put a damper on Patrick and Art’s ego. In the trailer, she asks Art, “What makes you think I want someone to be in love with me?” as she rocks the super casual-vintage tee. 

Though Zendaya rocks this shirt in the film, she and O’Connor aren’t the first ones to wear this slogan tee.

Back in the ’90s, John F. Kennedy Jr. was seen wearing the white and black version of the shirt in casual pants and white sneakers while playing frisbee with his dog. It’s said that the “I Told Ya” tee was inspired by his father’s 1961 inaugural button and the slogan of the Democratic Party.

It’s also speculated that the shirt references the RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) Tennis tournament in New York City, where players and celebrities would attend in their most stylish gear. 

No matter the origins of the tee, it still caught the eye of fashion designer Marc Jacobs and is expected to be worn by many fans of Challengers.

Anderson posted a sweatshirt version of the “I Told Ya” tee on Instagram in June 2023. As much as it was a must-have for fashion enthusiasts, it only seemed to be a teaser for the upcoming film.

Josh O’Connor was even seen wearing a formal version of the tee during the UK premiere of Challengers.

The tee is currently available to buy online.

I have a feeling this shirt is going to be huge and it’s only a matter of time before it’s sold out everywhere.

If you want to get your hands on a “I Told Ya” tee before everyone else does, they are currently available for purchase. If I were you, I’d run to get yours.

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