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Taylor Swift performing on the Eras Tours
Taylor Swift performing on the Eras Tours
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
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Swifties Found A *Major* Clue That Taylor Swift Will Perform ‘TTPD’ Songs On The ‘Eras Tour’

The Eras Tour’s return is quickly approaching. After a two-month break, Taylor Swift will resume her history-making tour in Paris, France on May 9. But let’s not forget, the superstar put out her highly anticipated eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, on Apr. 19. Swift surprised fans by dropping 15 additional tracks two hours after The Tortured Poets Department’s release, making the project a double album.

In total, The Tortured Poets Department adds 31 tracks to Swift’s discography and a brand new era — now, many fans are wondering whether or not Swift will be expanding the setlist for future Eras Tour shows.

If The Tortured Poets Department has quickly climbed up your ranking of Swift’s albums since its release, you’re probably in luck. After scouring clues from Swift’s rehearsal pictures and videos, Swifties on X (formerly known as Twitter) seem convinced that The Tortured Poets Department isn’t getting the debut treatment (i.e. no formal Eras Tour set). 

Remember back in March 2023, when the presence of a white microphone was spotted in Swift’s rehearsal photos? At the time, this confused fans, as a white microphone was nowhere to be seen during her entire three-hour concert.

Well, look what made an appearance in Swift’s April 2024 rehearsal picture. It makes perfect sense since the colored heart she has assigned to The Tortured Poets Department’s era is white. In true Swift fashion, she hid it in front of our faces this whole time. 

Plus, not to alarm y’all even more, but is that a white guitar I see here? 

And it doesn’t even end there. On TikTok, Swift’s seemingly teased brand new choreography, in which her backup dancers use canes and top hats. I don’t recognize that routine from the Eras Tour, so yep, I’m not ready. 

Based on this pretty convincing evidence, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll be glued to my phone on May 9, flipping back and forth between Eras Tour live streams. Time to google the time difference between the USA and Paris and set my alarms!

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