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Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet
Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet
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No, Kylie Jenner Is *Not* Pregnant With Timothée Chalamet’s Baby

Though baby rumors have been swirling, Kylie Jenner isn’t ready to add another little one to the mix at the moment. ICYMI, Jenner and her bf Timothée Chalamet found themselves at the center of pregnancy rumors, and as the weeks progressed, so did people’s belief that the couple was expecting.

However, Jenner took to social media on April 25 to shut down pregnancy rumors once and for all. She shared several photos and videos of herself posing in various outfits featuring her straight-legged Khy jeans on her Instagram Story, and there was no baby bump in sight.

Now that we know Jenner isn’t pregnant with Chalamet’s baby, let’s talk about how this rumor got started.

Comedian Daniel Tosh ignited rumors that Jenner might be pregnant during an April 2 episode of the Tosh Show podcast. During the episode, Tosh mentioned that Jenner had been filming at a Malibu grocery store for her family’s Hulu series, The Kardashians and it was brought to his attention that this might have been part of a pregnancy reveal.

Tosh explained that while he was at the undisclosed grocery store, he approached an employee to ask why the location had previously been closed. Although the employee wasn’t supposed to discuss any details, he let it slip that the store had been rented out for filming the season finale of The Kardashians. 

What really caught Tosh’s attention was when the store employee said that filming might have involved a pregnancy reveal scene featuring Jenner and Chalamet. Tosh then made it clear that this was just what he was told and that he wasn’t sure if the employee was even telling the truth.

Although Tosh quickly stated that he wasn’t verifying any of the details, the internet did what it does best and went into a frenzy over the idea of a potential younger sibling for Stormi and Aire Webster. 

So, it seems like there’s no baby on the way for Jenner and Chalamet, but the couple is still together despite recent break-up rumors. Timothée has been filming parts of A Complete Unknown, a Bob Dylan biopic, in New York, while Kylie continues to do her thing in Los Angeles. Despite the distance, sources told Us Weekly that “everything is going great between them. They both have really busy schedules but make as much time for each other as possible.” 

Looks like Kris Jenner won’t be planning a baby shower just yet.

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