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“We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” ~ Ray Bradbury.

Many of us are overwhelmed by insecurities and bombarded by the things we did not accomplished, by our fragility, and by what we could’ve been but could not become or accomplish. Some of us hear the voices of those who criticized us so incessantly in the past, that we have adopted those voices as our own and hear it every day. Some of us are very quiet and are usually overlooked while others have difficulty establishing relationships and making new friends.

We have all experienced the feeling of not being sufficient for other people, of not meeting society’s standards and fear of not being strong enough to surpass adversity. I am sure that, for many of us, it is difficult to see the beauty we have within us because it has been stifled either by others or ourselves. Perhaps we do not consider those beautiful things to be “a big deal” or maybe we think that we are completely unacceptable and unworthy of love. We could even think that the only way to be loved and accepted is by earning it first.

Some of us search and search inside and think that there is nothing good to be found. But I assure you, there is always something good even if we’ve gone through countless terrible experiences. We can find incredibly sweet things inside even if our cup has been filled with a sour drink. This is because we have a choice as to who we become despite those experiences. We have a choice.

This is the truth: we all have something beautiful inside that yearns to be shared. People desire to see that beautiful thing. They want to caress it. They want to know about it. They want to be touched by it because that is how they can be changed. That is how we make every day valuable and that is how we impact people’s lives. It is our job to discover those wonderful things and put them to good use, create a better world with them and help others discover their uniqueness, too.

Melanie is a puertorican college student who is passionate about teaching, learning, writing and helping others. She is fully billingual and also knows sign-language. She is currently studying a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and works as an english tutor. She is passionate about anything related to storytelling and helping others. She loves writing, reading, studying, dancing, travelling and spending time with people she cares for. She believes in the power of self-care, spirituality and resilience specially when used in psychotherapy. 
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