• Adaja McWhite: Beautiful & Determined

    Adaja McWhite is not letting anything stop her. Her perseverance through the trials have only set her up to become the strong young woman she is today! Take a look at our conversation that shows her strong will, passion, big dreams, and desire to keep pushing! and Yes, she's an Aquarius *laughs

  • NYC Strippers Strike Back

    Gentlemen's clubs aren't so much what they used to be. The dancers were usually the main attraction, but there's now another reason as to why our favorite clubs are gaining so much attention-- and the dancers aren't so happy about it.

  • How To: Balancing Life in College

    Good morning, good afternoon, good day wherever you’re reading this, I’d like to discuss a topic that has been quite literally danced...

  • The Return of the Housewives

    Last Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned with their season ten premiere. While most came back, as some of you may know, Phaedra...

  • The Evolution of Thigh High Boots

    One cyclical fashion trend no one can ever get enough of is the thigh high/over the knee boot. These boots in particular embody sensuality...

  • H.E.R. and... H.I.M.?

    We've heard of H.E.R., (and if you haven't... wyd ??) but there's a new mysterious singer on the scene: H.E.R. counterpart, H.I.M.

  • Do You #GotNext?

    The AUC is home to some of the most creative young minds yet to be discovered and, artistically speaking, is where the diamonds in the...

  • Sam Smith: The Thrill of It All

    Broaden your music scope (if you already haven’t) with blue-eyed soul powerhouse Sam Smith’s highly anticipated The Thrill of It All , released November 3rd after a three-year wait since his last album In the Lonely Hour . Most of the tracks are well thought out piano themed ballads, perfect for that after breakup album, just as amazing as his previous album.

  • #JusticeForJazzy

    JUSTICE FOR JAZZY Another week, another intriguing viral topic involving black people, particularly a black woman. At the University of...

  • 2017 Fall Fashion Trends

    Fall is a beautiful time of year. It is where summer and winter overlap, allowing us to be both fashionable and comfortable.This year,...

  • A HerCampus Survival Kit.

    Once a year, Her Campus chapters all over the US receive a survival kit from nationals. As women of color, receiving the products, we see...

  • The Two Meanings of FEAR

    Every once in a while—more often than not—we come across this tense, overwhelming feeling of dread mixed with anxiety that overtakes our...


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