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Plan on spending this valentine’s day alone? 

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Love is in the air; February is right around the corner and the 14th is bringing so much anxiety. The question comes up every year, especially when you are single. “What should I do?” Being single or even in a relationship and still wanting to use this special day as a time to give love to yourself is the greatest opportunity. It is commonly known amongst society that Valentine’s Day is only for couples but that is only a stigma. While Valentine’s Day is heavily celebrated with a significant other, it is still very normal to spend the day alone. Love has no limits, and it does not just stop right at partners; it is expressed in a variety of forms. We often forget to give as much love and attention to ourselves as we do for others because of the joy it brings. It’s important to find that same joy in loving and doing for ourselves. This is your guide to kicking off valentines the right way and alone! Five steps to loving yourself and having the perfect “Self-atine”!  

1. A vision board night, Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to create a vision board especially considering we are fresh into the new year. A vision board is Soley based off your goals and imagination. Implementing some self-care into that vision could help your overall emotional intelligence and aid in falling in love with yourself. 

2. Take yourself shopping, retail therapy always cures a little heartache. This is perfect for anyone recently getting out of a breakup and has some sad emotions about valentines. Trying on some nice fitting clothes or a good pair of jeans could instantly change your mood and encourage you to want to show off.  

3. Go to a spa or make an in-home spa! Pampering all your body and skin needs is very relaxing. A nice facial improving any skin imperfections will boost confidence, and putting on some of your favorite body oils and butters will have you feeling just as good as you smell. You could even give yourself a manicure or pedicure or go out and get one. Either way, catering to your body is essential to a good self-care routine. 

4. Bake a cake and decorate it. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, whichever is your favorite. Put on your cute little apron and chef hat and get to baking. After baking your favorite dessert be sure to have all of the materials needed to decorate it to perfection. With this being on valentine’s day, it’d be absolutely adorable to add pink frosting and hearts or even words of affirmations to spice things up. Baking helps to improve mood and is used any many countries as a way to de-stress.  

5. Go on a date! When is the last time that you went out and had a little fun. This could be a date between a cute guy/girl that you like or even friends. Do your makeup, put on a nice dress, and meet someone at one of your favorite restaurants. 

Hola! My name is Eura Jackson, born in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a Mass Media arts Major with a minor in Journalism. Anything relating to art, can illustrate me thoroughly. I enjoy writing realism pieces while incorporating creativity, and writing poetry. If I’m not writing, you can find me drinking lemon-infused water while doing yoga or abstract drawing.