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The Perfect Jazz Playlist You Need For Thanksgiving 

November has finally arrived and we’re less than 10 days away from Thanksgiving! The fall

Leaves, pumpkins sitting pretty as you ride through the residential neighborhoods, the chilly breeze, and sweet smell of the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to come together as one with family and friends to share the gratitude of all you are thankful for! If you know anything about Generation Z then YOU KNOW, we love to add some spice to traditions. You’ve seen the alternative food dish ideas, the decorum ideas, etc. But what about music? Who made up the rules that you can ONLY listen to holiday music just because it’s the holidays? This year is the year to challenge those social norms and think outside of the box. Say Adios Amigos to  jingle bells rock or frosty the snowman, or Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Now say Hellooo to your new curated Jazz playlist that adds the perfect amount of spice to your holiday season. The 7 songs are as follows: 

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Peppermint Patty By Vince Guarldi is thee ultimate jazz song you have to play at your family gathering. Not only does it give all of the holiday vibes with the name “peppermint” but the upbeat sound of the saxophone will have everyone moving their feet! Even grandma.

We Three Kings By Geri Allen is so calming & so relaxing. The ideal song for background music while the family is enjoying the presence of everyone bonding, reciprocating love and giving thanks. 

Winter Wonderland By Dave Young & Mulgrew Miller please play this while anxiously waiting for everyone to arrive. When you hear the sound of each instrument, it sets the tone needed for a wonderful family gathering as cars arrive. Everyone will be ready to swarm in the door! 

Home for the Holidays By Richard Smithfield is upbeat but comforting, it puts everyone in a jolly holiday spirit and active. When everyone is active and involved, it makes the family gathering 10x better!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas By Carmen Lundy if technology was keeping the attention of the kids, have no fear. This vibrant jazz song will be sure to catch everyone’s attention and musically persuade you to be in tune with the reality! 

You’re a Mean One Mr.Grinch By Coral Egan plays all the feet tapping instruments; flute, saxophone, piano, and many more. When this plays, grab your favorite cousin and show off your favorite dance moves.

Silver Bells By Leif Shires is one for the older generation, a jazz song that may appeal to their era just a little more. Sit back and relax as your great aunts and uncles still the floor with their 70s and 80s smooth moves.

The Christmas Song By Beegie Adair is at the pulse of the holidays, as it gets late in the evening after a long day of family fun, it’s time to wrap things up. This soft and slow jazz song should be saved for last. It is the best song to wave goodbye to everyone as you hold onto new memories and appreciation of being able to spend the day with your loved ones!

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