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And the Plot Thickens: Euphoria S2:Ep6

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Welcome back, my friends to this week’s in-depth review of HBO’s hit television show, Euphoria. This episode didn’t exactly go as planned. Rue came home, and Maddy did not fight Cassie or kill Nate. So, this leaves fans with a juicy trailer for episode seven and an encyclopedia-sized book of questions. Let’s discuss.

The Opening Scenes

Here we find Rue struggling to open a Jolly Rancher. This scene was physically uncomfortable to watch. Rue was visibly weak, and it was clear what drug abuse was doing to her body. She had to be carried into the restroom by her mother and even bathed. These moments completely humbled her character. Another valuable moment in the episode was when Rue called Ali and apologized to him. This moment was a difficult one for Rue; however, It feels like the audience can believe that Rue meant what she said. It almost feels like she rewarded herself after Ali forgave her, by finally being able to open the Jolly Rancher, and eating it. This is definitely a turning point for Rue this season. Bravo.

Ali and Gia

Ali visiting the Bennet household was a great way for the audience to get to know Gia on a deeper level. This time, Ali’s character wasn’t serving only Rue, but Gia as well. We got to understand how Gia felt about her relationship with her sister. The beauty of the scenes with Gia and Ali was the dialogue, and Ali’s ability to give Gia A VOICE! He asked her how she felt, validated her, and allowed her to speak her mind. This time, Gia was treated like a dynamic character, rather than flat.


In this episode, we really got to see a different side of Nate Jacobs. One might consider it…human. This time we got to see multiple sides to him. Nate actually was emotional, connected with his mom, pointed a GUN at Maddy, and then actually showed kindness (Shocker!!!). This was one of my favorite portrayals of Nate because it felt like we were genuinely being let into his SOUL (that we didn’t know he had). Although he’s portrayed as a terrible person most times, we are starting to see why he is this way. The conversations with his mother actually show that he cares about what people think of him, especially his mother. When she questions his morality, it is obvious that he feels something (although it’s not exactly clear what that is).

Then, he goes back to the same ole Nate again when he BREAKS INTO MADDY’S ROOM. This was one of the scariest scenes ever because it literally felt like life or death, for both Maddy and Nate. It felt pretty unfair for Nate to point a GUN at Maddy to get the CD back for Jules. Although his intentions may have been “pure,” it was a freaking sucky thing to do. Then, the interaction between Nate and Jules was a pretty interesting one. It was terrifying for viewers because there was no clue to tell if Nate would hurt Jules or not, and it was obvious that Jules felt the same way. However, when Nate gave Jules the CD of her and Cal, it was like Jules got her power back and Nate gained a sense of kindness. This was an interesting moment.

The last part that really threw me off was when Nate went to pick up Cassie. Like, did you not put Maddy through enough? Cassie staying at Nate’s house feels wrong, and viewers can only imagine where the show goes from here.


Cassie had a complete meltdown in this episode. However, that was to be expected. We saw her completely crumble after Maddie found out about her and Nate. This episode depicted the selfish side of Cassie, and fans were not here for it. The scenes featuring Cassie in this episode were quite uncomfortable to see.


This episode was a doozy for Maddy. She experienced so much emotion in this episode, more than we’ve seen in a very long time. The most important scenes in this episode were in the closet, the pool, and in Maddy’s bedroom. The closet scene was suspenseful because there was an alarm clock that had a camera in it. This had fans wondering what would happen next. Will the woman she’s babysitting for find out about Maddy trying on her clothes? The audience can only wait and see.

The pool scene between Maddy and the woman she’s babysitting for felt a little too casual. It felt as if Maddy felt the same way, but she still took a drink and swam with her. Although this scene was a tad bit weird, Maddy appeared to gain some sort of closure. BUT, I still don’t think fans should trust this woman yet…who knows what Sam Levinson has up his sleeve.

Now, for the scene that shook up the entire episode. Nate breaks into Maddy’s room and pulls a GUN out at her. If fans thought that there was a slight chance of Nate and Maddy getting back together, there is no turning back now. Maddy is probably officially done with him and probably hates him now. Not only did Nate pull a gun on Maddy, but he turned it on HIMSElF too! The fact that he did this to Maddy after sleeping with her best friend was preposterous. This was the absolute lowest point for what was left of Maddy and Nate’s relationship. No one deserves what Nate did to Maddy.


Kat breaking up with Ethan was one of the most awkward things that happened in this episode. Kat pretending to have a brain disorder was one of the weirdest things she could’ve ever done. Ethan actually loved Kat, and he deserved a better breakup than that. Kat would have been better off breaking up with him through text! Boy were the relationships of Euphoria Tested this season, it’s like they all took a turn for the worst (Except Lexi and Fez of course).

Lexi and Fez

Lexi and Fez shared one of the sweetest moments of the entire season. They were so cute together when they sang lean on me. Fans haven’t gotten to see Fez or Lexi show romantic interest in anyone. Their relationship feels so right because it’s an escape from the lives they both live daily. So, to see two really reserved characters get together felt awesome. It’s like something really good is finally happening to characters that fans actually adore.

Ending Scene

The closing scene was heart-wrenching. Leslie calling the rehabilitation center to check Rue in and being told that they have no openings was awful. Hearing her say over and over that Rue was going to kill herself made everything more real. Rue, desperately wants to get clean. Now, it may be up to her to get clean by herself. It will be interesting to see how Rue reacts to the news and to see what she’ll do.

This episode was definitely a doozy, and so will the next one be too. So, again my friends, until next time. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. So get your popcorn and mood lighting ready.

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India Rice, 19, is a Mass Media major at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University.
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