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Lessons Euphoria Characters Can Teach You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Alas, the season finale of Euphoria has come upon us. Leaving questions unanswered, hearts broken and anticipation built. This season took our most beloved characters through the wringer and left us sitting behind the T.V trying to pick up the pieces. There is so much to unpack with each character, but let’s talk about just a few from this season.


Rue can teach you that you are not your past, and you are not your struggle. Rue endured so much in her life; however, her journey this season showed that despite her addiction sobriety was still an option. This season we’ve seen Rue battle addiction, run away from home, steal and even end up being injected with morphine. Later, we saw her seek a way to become sober. She wanted to go to rehab, apologized to her family and friends and got clean. She demonstrates that no matter what you go through, redemption is still possible.


Lexi’s character this season definitely came full circle. She represents how the shy bone in everyone’s body can be channeled into a passion. Lexi felt like she sat in the background most of the time; however, she allowed her play, entitled “Our Life,” to showcase something she was good at. It ruffled feathers, but she made something SHE could be proud of. That is the most important part.


Throughout this season, Maddy’s life changed drastically, even if it meant she had to cut a couple of people off and maybe slap a chick or two. In the end, she had to put herself first and that is something everyone can apply in everyday life.


Kat may have broken up with her boyfriend under some pretty shitty terms, but she did it for herself. What Kat teaches is, to be honest with yourself, and in turn, be honest with others. When something is no longer serving you in the way you need it to, it is up to you to let it go. Just try not to break up with anyone by claiming you have a made-up brain disorder. Now that would be weird.


Cassie was probably one of the most hated this season, but there are some lessons to be learned from her. She shows the audience that having a strong sense of self is important. Cassie genuinely lost herself, and it led to her making some decisions that drew her farther away from who she genuinely is as a person. So, in the end, her character really can teach so much about being grounded in yourself.


Nate is a tricky one. He is definitely the most hated character on the show. The biggest lesson is to find positive coping mechanisms to deal with trauma. Nate has endured so much and has a difficult time finding outlets for his anger. It is important to find ways to face your reality to better yourself overall.


Jules’s character this season shows that sometimes you may have to hurt people’s feelings to help them. Because Jules told Rue’s mother she was using again, it contributed to Rue’s sobriety. Her actions were met with a ton of backlash from Rue, which led to the two breaking up. This may have seemed scary on screen, but evidently it helped save Rue’s life.

Fez and Ashtray

Fez and Ashtray are the dynamic duo of the show. Both of these characters show it is important to put loyalty over everything. Fez was willing to take the fall for his brother so he wouldn’t go to jail. However, Ashtray took matters into his own hands, which is still hard to believe. Ashtray’s death taught the audience to not be loyal to a fault. He lost his life trying to protect his brother after Fez told him to surrender. Despite Ashtray’s demise, it is important to note that loyalty is key.

This season of Euphoria was a doozy

India Rice, 19, is a Mass Media major at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University.