• Trans Femicides in 2017

    Since the first of the year, there have already been seven transgender women murdered in the United States. Violence against trans women is...

  • Slow it Down, Soak it In

    Luke Bryan has it right with his new song Fast. As we get older, 60 seconds really does start to feel more like 30. Being in college, it...

  • Nicole Marie's Lifestyle Blog

    Meet Nicole Feragotti, A 21-year-old woman who enjoys running, taking pictures, drinking coffee and spending time with her loved ones...

  • Doctor Recommended Diets: My Experience Going Yeast Free

    He put two drops under my tongue like normal, and when he pulled on my arm it was like I had no control, it lifted right up. I flexed my muscles but they didn’t do anything, it was like my body was turning on me! He did a couple other drops and then came back to that same vial, but once again I had no control. Then he said the word that would haunt me for months after. Yeast.


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