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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Every social media platform that you open up today will likely have OOTDs from teen girls and adult women who are showing their style. Several of those outfits will include a corset top or satin slip from brands like Victoria’s Secret, For love and Lemons, and places like Urban Outfitters. The corset tops are often lacey, somewhat sheer, and resemble what used to be considered intimates. 

Today’s question is; Has lingerie lost its intimate feeling? If you swipe through TikToc enough you will find videos that some guys have created stating that because of this clothing trend that so many people are taking part in, lingerie is no longer a personal thing. However, if those guys were to look at previous trends from the early 2000s they would see how this trend is just recurring, and showing off lacey, delicate, and revealing pieces is not anything the runways and celebrities of Hollywood haven’t seen. 

So if the stars of Hollywood have already seen, and more than likely participated, in this trend then why would it be an issue for today’s younger generation? As odd as it may sound it seems like as a society that since the early 2000s we became more modest for a short time period. During the ultra low rise jean time period, it was common to pair that style of jeans with an itty bitty top that didn’t cover much more than a bra would, maybe even less. And then a few years later, say after the 2008 recession, people become more modest primarily in terms of brand logos and flaunting wealth. This change in the fashion industry that reflected the hardships that most of the society was struggling with can be seen with Juicy Couture’s rise and fall. This is because the famous tracksuits worn by stars like Paris Hilton were too flashy and obvious in terms of cost. 

If people became more modest due to the recession, why would that affect today’s fashion choices? It seems like there are more people who are becoming financially educated, escaping poverty or their previous social class, and simply having more money at a younger age due to social changes in people’s life stages. 

In simpler terms, people are becoming more flashy and fashion-forward due to their financial ability to do so. It has been a while since the average person could afford to take part in fashion trends and have disposable income that permits them to do so. So the reality of this discussion is that lingerie and corset tops in particular had never lost their intimacy because intimacy is about two people and their bond, not a piece of clothing.

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