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Bridgerton cast posing for Netflix poster
Bridgerton cast posing for Netflix poster
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2022 Spring Predictions For Bridgerton Inspired Clothes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Last summer the show Bridgerton became so popular that it inspired the recurrence of the corset trend. The Regency era that the show takes place during included a lot of corsets and lace dresses that represented beauty, wealth, and femininity. 

The styles of the clothing that main characters like Daphne were dressed in quickly inspired some DIYs of different recycled materials into corset tops as well as the purchases of Victoria’s Secret bustier tops. 

Daphne’s style of clothing could be described as being primarily made out of satins, silks, and kept within a dreamy color palette. Her wardrobe focused on slimming the body and highlighting certain aspects, like her neckline. These are all characteristics that transferred to the trendy tops that most women wore as a result of the show’s influence. 

This upcoming Valentine’s Day and the purchases that have been shared on TikTok in relation to the holiday show that brands like For Love and Lemons, or FLL, have been producing clothing pieces that still fulfill people’s need to feel romantic and assemble a modern-day version of this style. 

The latest items that FLL has come out with, that have shown to be a huge success, would be one red satin slip, pink and purple corset tops, and princess-like dresses. One dress, in particular, the Fan Floral Puff Sleeve Dress, sold out very quickly and has been a part of the brand craze. However, the brand followed the sold-out items with new releases just as similar. The fan Floral collection had a new addition that was similar to the puff dress, but rather it was a corset style top with the same floral pattern and shade of pink. 

I am predicting that this Spring, which will likely cross over into the summer, will be primarily about corset tops and dresses with a corset-style top. At first, I thought that once Bridgerton’s hype had gone down that the trend would be nothing more than a trend left in 2021. But it is looking like this corset trend is here to stay for a little longer and I think that it might transform into something similar to the early 2000s corset trend. 

Beyonce’s Irreplaceable music video that was released in 2006 shows a previous time that this trend was being glamorized by celebrities. Although, the celebs did wear the corsets a little different than the way most teenagers and young adults are wearing them today. In the early 2000s, the corsets were longer which went well with the ultra low rise jean trend that was occurring. But now the corsets are worn mostly with high-rise bottoms and the tops are shorter versions of corsets, so they are less traditional versions. My current theory on the corsets, which may be controversial, is that we have favored a version of the corset that allows people to feel more comfortable in the top as a longer version would be more restricting on someone who is not as petite, as the early 2000s are known for slim figures.

I have definitely fallen for this trend and hope it continues to be popular for a few more years. As a 2000s baby, I have found it really exciting to get to wear the grown-up clothes that I once admired being worn by celebrities and some of my favorite characters in movies and shows from that time period. However, I know that my bank account feels different.

Hello, I am a Mass Media and Communication Studies major at MNSU. While I enjoy writing and being a part of organizations that keep me connected.