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How To Make the Most of a Vacationless Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Spring has sprung! This means that it is finally that time of year when everybody grabs their passports and hops onto the next flight for a week of relaxation. Unfortunately, not all of us are getting the chance to bathe in the sun over the course of our little break. However, just because some of us are staying put does not mean we can’t have a memorable week ourselves! Here is a list of ideas to occupy your free time over spring break this year:

  1. Spring Cleaning

The weather is changing, which means we have a lot of work to do in the comfort of our own homes. Grab your cleaning supplies and get to work! Use a little elbow grease on those areas of your home you have not quite paid much attention to. A sparkly clean house is the best way to start off your spring! 

  1. Closet Purge

Now is the time to tackle that overflowing closet of yours, filled with items you can’t quite part with. You could even make a little bit of money by selling them online, or donating what you do not need anymore to your local thrift store for someone else to enjoy. If you make enough room, you might have a valid excuse for some shopping over your break! 

  1. Go To a Movie

After COVID-19 came into play, movie theaters seemed to become a distant memory. Because we can finally start going back to them, we should take full advantage! Grab your bestie and some popcorn and go to your local cinema for a good time! 

  1. Get Outside

The snow is finally melting and temperatures are rising, meaning that now is a good time to get outside. Go on a hike, walk your dog, jog around your lake. Whatever you have access to around you will be perfect as long as you’re getting a breath of fresh air. 

  1. Start a New Hobby

With all of your free time, it might be a great idea to pick up a new hobby that you have been putting off. You could learn how to paint, draw, make bracelets, grow a garden, play the ukulele, perfect the Rubix cube, whatever your heart desires! 

  1. Try New Restaurants

Have you been eyeing that new pasta place on your block, but have yet to try it out? Head on over to different restaurants in your town and fill your tummy with deliciousness. 

  1. Self Care

Self-care is so important, but many of us often put it on the back of our to-do list with our busy schedules. Take advantage of this time off to do some things that boost your confidence: A warm bath, face masks, getting your nails and/or hair done, yoga, meditation, etc. These are just a few ideas to take some time to focus on you and your best self! 

  1. Read a Book

Reading is something that I do not always prioritize, but it could be something interesting to do that occupies your time. Go find a good read or even a series to read over this break! 

  1. Become a Master Chef

Head over to your Pinterest board and pin some challenging recipes that you have yet to try. Then, get cracking. You can play some good music and work on your cooking skills in the kitchen, and who knows, maybe you could work your way up to becoming the winner of Master Chef. 

  1. Plan ahead

If your 2022 started off a little rocky and disorganized, you can use this week off to get your life back on track. Start filling out your planner again and get ahead in classes that you are behind in. Make sure you are using some of your time to relax, but planning ahead and getting prepared for your future schedule is never a bad idea!

Hi! I'm Mercedes and I am the associate editor for HerCampus MNSU. I am a sophomore in college, majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Psychology. I love fashion, Bruno Mars, and hot dogs!