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Hair Trends of 2022

Now that we have settled into 2022 I can see what kind of hairstyles are trending and I’m gonna break each of them down. Some of the trends are going to be very prominent within this year and some are likely to be micro trends; short and briefly lived. 

Blonde is chugey. Whatever chugey means I’m pretty sure it’s similar to tacky and outdated. A lot of people have been canceling their blondage appointments and returning to their natural roots or color. The main reason blonde is no longer trending is that people are tired of the maintenance and very limited good hair days, ESP between appointments. The average gone-blonde girl ( or guy) often had to deal with crunchy ends, scarecrow-like, and brassy hair that only looked good a week after an appointment. People have realized that being blonde is a lot of work and money to maintain. 

However, there has been a noticeable spike in some people’s interest in going red. Yes, redheads are in. This trend is not as popular as some of the others that will be mentioned, but I have been seeing a lot of people trying out the color. For a moment, a brief moment, I thought of even trying the trend out until I thought of what my poor sheets may end up looking like. From Riverdales Cheryl Blossom AKA Madelaine Petsch to other actresses like Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore red is the it color for the right person. 

 Healthy hair is back in. I swear that no one has been as interested in healthy hair since I was about nine to eleven years old. And during those ages, the healthy hair trend was all about long natural colored hair with tons of layers that were either pin straight or slightly curled. Personally, I refer to this period as my Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place hairstyle. That hair razor was both my biggest fear and my greatest partner in crime. 

With health being the new IT thing I’m afraid of the trend bringing in a hair version of greenwashing. I have already noticed that people are either getting scooped into overpriced products or thinking that an elaborate fifty-step hair care routine is going to fix the last five years of damage that they have done. 

Repeat after me, I. Don’t. Need. All. Of. These. products. 

However, as a girl who grew up with a grandma with a career in the hair industry, I would agree that you do need more than just shampoo and conditioner. Please do more than just shampooing and some conditioner. In fact, the following is ideal; double shampoo ( just like double cleansing) starting with a clarifying shampoo followed by a regular shampoo,

Then conditioner or conditioner first if you have long hair, then a hair mask. Once out of the shower use a wide-tooth comb and after it’s damp follow with a leave-in conditioner then dry. Once your hair is dry I suggest a hair oil; Chi’s silk infusion is great and so is Gisou honey infused hair oil. Then use a heat-protective if you are going to use more heat to style. A hair gloss is an added plus and bonus point if you use an actual hair perfume. 

Alright, the Dyson air wrap. Is it worth it or not? I have been witnessing so many people posting that they are returning it due to the price and ineffectiveness. I have owned my own airwrap for about a year now as I finally had the funds to splurge on it after seeing so many girls get it for Christmas the last few years. Personally, I think the Dyson airwrap is all about perception and hair goals. One of the main arguments is that the curls don’t stay long enough. This is true. However, if that is a pro or con depends on your hair goals. My hair goal is to have healthy hair that can be washed often and restyled frequently; the airwrap lets me do that. Essentially the Dyson airwrap was designed, from what I understand, to serve people who want a high-quality product that prevents as much damage as possible while creating a subtle hairstyle that focuses on being healthy and flowy. This hair tool is not meant to give you week-long curls as a curling wand would. This tool is definitely for the target audience that values a good no-makeup makeup look. It’s the, “No I didn’t do anything to my hair,” kind of tool. 

The trend that I think is going to be the most practiced is going to be healthy hair. I feel like it’s been years since people have taken the time to let their hair regrow and take a break from all the damage that bleach can do along with regular wear and tear. With such a fast-paced society it only makes sense to have a hairstyle that can be thrown together effortlessly when in a rush. 

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