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Coping with the Season 2 Finale of Euphoria

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Season two of Euphoria was packed with winding roads and ever-changing stories that lead to nowhere. The state of confusion I’ve been in for the entirety of the season has left me with no other choice but to sue Sam Levinson for the emotional disturbance he has caused me. My reasons for this are the plot holes and character development, or lack thereof. 

Each episode of the second season would add another loose end that would never be tied in the finale, which makes me wonder what is the point. Yes, having cliffhangers to keep viewers interested in coming back is extremely important but the whiplash I received from this show made me feel like I needed to seek medical attention. What happened with Laurie and the debt that Rue has to pay back for the drugs she used? Who is the baby in the Jacobs family photo? Is Maddy actually leaving Euphoria High? Did Rue go back to treatment? How long has she been clean? Everything is so unclear, which is why I was hoping the finale would answer some of these questions, but no. 

The character development is also a confusing part of the show. We got to see a lot more of certain characters like Lexi and Cal but less of other characters like Kat and McKay. I understand there was some drama between Sam and the actors but fans really appreciated these characters and now you are watering them down to nothing. This creates the cycle of a poor storyline from poor character development. 

Overall, I really do appreciate this show for the community it has created and the conversations it has sparked from it. I don’t want to bash someone’s art in any way. I’m just a concerned fan wanting some answers.

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