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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Valentine’s Day can be a daunting time when you are single. The constant lovey-dovey social media posts, flowers, and chocolates all around can be kinda overwhelming. But instead of dreading the day, I’ve come to appreciate it. Here’s how you can too!

Date Night: Take yourself out on a date. Go get dinner or take-out from your favorite restaurant and watch your favorite movie. Use this time to relax. Take a bubble bath or go get a massage. Hang with your single pals. You can have Galentine’s day part two. 

Gifts: Use this as an excuse to buy those shoes you’ve been looking at for weeks. Invest in a new perfume that you like. And you don’t need a partner to get you flowers, you can get them yourself! 

Romance: Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t need a little romance in your life. You deserve to feel loved and appreciated. So, light up some candles, put on a little Marvin Gaye, and get it on. 

Overall, I hope this is a time you enjoy taking a moment and appreciating yourself and those around you. Call your mom and wish her a happy valentine’s. Get your co-worker bestie a coffee. And most of all love yourself.