• A Word on Friendships and Personal Space

    More conversations about consent need to be had. While definitely important, this doesn’t just include sexual activities. Consent is a big part of conversation and platonic physical touch too.

  • MadelineSuperFan: When a Joke Takes on a Life of Its Own

    What do I say about MadelineSuperFan? Well, I created this Instagram at the beginning of fall semester my sophomore year, and it’s bigger than just me now. This Instagram account has come to mean something more than what I intended.

  • 10 Articles of Clothing that are MUST HAVES in My 2018 Wardrobe

    The further I delved into 2018, the more I began to realize that my old wardrobe just wasn’t saying what I wanted it to say about me anymore. So I decided to do what I do best: go on an online shopping spree! As a broke college student I obviously couldn’t afford to splurge on all of these items, but seeing as I found so many cute and affordable pieces I thought I’d throw together a list of my 2018 wardrobe must haves!

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