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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

We may only know the titles right now, but we can still claim them as our own.

Jess Marinaro

As a certified sad girl music lover, I’m gonna claim “I Can Do it With a Broken Heart” because I think it’s gonna make me ugly cry. I’ve seen a lot of people on TikTok compare the song title to her performing on the Eras tour after having just suffered the heartbreak of breaking up with Joe. I think the narrative of someone having to mourn their relationship while also being so aggressively in the public eye is really tragic. If there’s one thing Taylor does really well it’s a song about a tragic, devastating romance.  

Nina Fichera

I’m calling dibs on “loml” as my song. I’m pretty sure this is either abbreviated “love of my life” or “light of my life,” which as a hopeless romantic very much fits my entire vibe. There are a bunch of songs I’m looking forward to just from their titles alone!

Venus Martinez

“Down Bad.” I am INCREDIBLY down bad for men that would probably throw a bucket of concrete at my head. I get a crush and all of a sudden, he becomes my entire world, he looks at me and I’m out here giggling like a middle school girl, he talks to me or says hi and all of a sudden I look like Homer in that one episode of The Simpsons or Priscilla in the movie during her marriage scene. As someone who is currently infatuated beyond belief, Taylor wrote this song for me. Because in my head, we’re already married (I didn’t take my meds today).

Lauren Davies

Oh god, how do I choose!? As a track five girly through and through, I KNOW “So Long London” will be so so so so good, but “Fresh Out the Slammer” has such an exciting title. Regardless, I love Taylor and she is literally a no skip artist for me so I have complete confidence that I will love each and every one. Anyway, Joe Alwyn lock your doors!!! 

Hanna Proaper

I think I would pick “But Daddy I Love Him” simply because I am a child of divorce (Harry Styles and Taylor, of course). I think this song will be such a fun song to listen to and I am extremely excited to actually see if it has anything to do with Harry. 

Nina Fichera is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Geneseo. She oversees meetings and writes about a variety of topics, such as music (especially K-Pop and Taylor Swift), her experiences as a hopeless romantic, what it's like for her as a writer, and other entertainment-based articles. Outside of Her Campus, Nina is currently a senior with a double major in English (with a Creative Writing concentration) and Adolescent Education (with an English concentration) as well as a minor in Human Development. She was the head fiction editor for the SUNY magazine Gandy Dancer in Spring 2023. In her free time, Nina adores writing to her heart's content, usually in the realm of fiction and fanfiction. She also loves cross-stitch, spending time with her friends, learning K-Pop dances, and reading.
Venus Martinez is new to Her Campus. They are a Psychology major with a minor in Human Development. They dream of standing in front of Jacob Elordi and making eye contact with them. Their main hobby is falling for men who are borderline red flags. In their free time, they like to yap, listen to music, fail at cross-stitching, buy new silly earrings, save edits of men who will never know them, cry over the fact that BTS is in the military, and try to learn K-pop dances. They want you to stream Earth, Wind, and Fire by BoyNextDoor because it is an amazing song that you should totally listen to and it would change your life.
Lauren Davies

Geneseo '24

Lauren is the social media director and event coordinater for HerCampus at Geneseo. She keeps all the HerCampus at Geneseo socials up to date, and plans fun events on the Geneseo campus! Outside of HerCampus, Lauren is an English Adolescent Education major at Geneseo! In Lauren's free time she loves to walk her dog, Stewart, podcasting, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her friends!
Jess Marinaro

Geneseo '24

Jess Marinaro is the senior editor and secretary at the Her Campus at SUNY Geneseo. They edit articles and correspond with general members of the club. Outside of Her Campus, Jess is studying English Creative Writing and Sustainability Studies. They have had creative writing published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Iris Magazine. They are a member of Sigma Tau Delta. She is also an RA at Geneseo’s campus and loves helping her residents. When not hunched over her computer, Jess can often be found hiking, running, or frolicking around the nearest New York State Park with Geneseo’s Outdoor’s Club. They love to write about queer topics, taylor swift, and movies–especially horror.