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I know it is in a bit of a rut, but hear me out.

Marvel is not as popular and well-liked as it once was. So many people are hating on it and not giving it a real chance. Now, I can agree that some of their newer stuff isn’t the best. Just because some of their movies are not the best doesn’t mean it is all bad.

Now, they are pushing out a lot. I mean, in 2023 we had a new show like every other month. It became almost impossible to keep up. However, you need to keep the pandemic in mind. I know that everyone uses that as an excuse for everything but with this it is true. People were so upset that they had to wait longer for so many things that of course some projects were rushed.

At the same time, they have to have new stories. I mean, so many of the original actors left, but the show must go on. Some say that it should have ended after Endgame. People still would not have been happy. All the studio wants to do is make viewers happy.

Fans have gotten some pretty good things. Black Widow, Shang Chi and the Ten Rings, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (and the holiday special), Werewolf by Night, Wakanda Forever and multiple shows were very good. Now, some of the projects just listed were hated on as well, but that is a bit nitpicky. Most of the hate that Black Widow has gotten, that I have seen, is just pointing out the CGI. This might just be me focusing on the good too much but people should acknowledge the good and bad.

Of course, some of the reasons people are complaining goes deeper. Prior to phase four, the main cast of the movies were of certain … identities. To just rip off the bandaid, I mean straight white men. Of course, there were some characters that did not meet this description. However, in this new phase, there was more diversity than ever. I mean, those original movies were great, but their lack of diversity was an issue.

Though this does raise another issue. I understand that many have trouble making even a little critique because they do not want to be grouped with others who complain, as discussed in the previous paragraph. With everything in life, there are some parts of Marvel that are not perfect. When people point those out they should not be called bigots immediately. I mean if they call it the M-She-U unironically, then yeah go ahead, but people can still have criticisms while being good people. They should just review what the movies and characters they complain about have in common. That can even show them an intuitive issue they might have.

No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. At the end of the day, we must all remember that Marvel is just media that is made by humans. Of course, not everything that is done will be perfect. There are also still lots of projects in the works that could turn this all around. If we all focus on what it was and what it could be Marvel does not need to die.

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