• Green Spot!

    As of April 27th, the Green Spot has once again opened its doors, and we cannot get enough!! (Not pictured: their world-famous lobster roll...

  • Beautiful Miller

    While finishing up leading one of my first tours, I was able to get a picture of the academic quad, where students are celebrating the last...

  • Thoughts on Faculty Lunchtime Research Talks

    Last Wednesday, from 12-1pm, I learned about Jack the Ripper. More specifically, in the Wormser Room, off the library, I ate a snickerdoodle cookie while history Professor Larissa Taylor discussed her research into the role of new journalism in the pervasion of terror in Victorian England after a series of six murders in one corner of London.

  • Ryan Ruiz '16

    Year: 2016 Dorm: Dana Major: Sociology Hometown: Boston What are you involved with on campus? I am a member of the football team, SOBHU,...

  • Carli Jaff '16

    Carli Jaff '16 was our profile this week, and we spoke with her about her guilty pleasures, dream job, and who knows her the best in her life.

  • 5 Songs to Get You Through the Week

    When the weeks never seem to end, sometimes you just need to let loose a little while listening to some fun jams. Here are some tunes to get you up on your dancing feet to dance the blues of finals away.

  • Wild Blueberry Land

    I had to drive to Jonesport, ME for a class assignment on Tuesday, and on my way, I passed Wild Blueberry Land, a blueberry themed amusement park in Columbia Falls, ME.

  • 5 Can't Miss Places in Maine

    Spring has arrived, and that means it’s the perfect time for exploring the great state of Maine! Check out these 5 must-see spots.

  • Ellie Donohue '16

    This week, we sat down with birthday girl Ellie Donohue '16 to discuss her love for Harry Potter, penguins, and Emma Watson.

  • 4 Things To Do This Spring

    Just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to take advantage of all that Colby and Maine has to offer! Here’s some things to do and try before summer break!

  • 4 Awesome Campus Running Routes

    IT’S FINALLY SPRING!! The return of 60 degree weather means shorts, days at the Hume Center, and doing homework on the quad.

  • Meg Fortier '16

    We sat down with senior Meg Fortier this week to talk about guilty pleasures, favorite Colby memories, and celebrity crushes.

  • 5 Most Underrated Places to Study

    While Miller is truly Colby’s pride and joy, after a while studying there can feel so mundane. Sometimes when you do work you need to switch up your surroundings every so often.

  • Liv's Beads Necklaces

    Have you noticed the cool, trendy, and pretty jewlery trend that's been sweeping campus? Well, you're not alone!

  • Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

    Take advantage of spring and drive south for the day to check out this beautiful lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth!

  • Maddy Placik '18

    Year of Graduation: 2018 Dorm: Dana Major: Physics, Art minor Favorite Dining Hall: Foss Hometown: Northbrook, Illinois Relationship Status...

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