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Emmanuel Ochoa


A kid raised in Brooklyn, New York home of fashion, art and great culture. The greatest thing to happen to me was living in the city in a sense it was a love/hate relationship because of the area in which I grew up in. Then there was Manhattan filled with all the lights and glamour and things that were on the big screen. Once I moved to Florida it was in a small town called Bradenton which was a huge culture shock because it was the total opposite from what I was used to in every sense ranging from transportation to people. Then there was the care free atmosphere in which shirts and shoes are optional and thong sandals are an every day thing opposed to the city where that is a rare find. Living in Bradenton gave me a different outlook on things and humbled me in a sense. Then moving to Miami for school brought me back to my city roots except with a different view on things and my motivation now is to gain success and not material things as I once dreamed of attaining.