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Campus Cutie: Sofia Pinzon


Name: Sofia Pinzon

Age: 19

Major: Marine Biology

Hometown: Davis, California


What year are you in and what made you want to pursue a marine biology degree?

Well this is my second year, I’m still not sure what I want to major in but I would like to either go into television and film production, medicine or marine biology. I definitely want to travel to various places but it would really depend on what I decide to do with my life and what route to take. Let’s say I go into medicine I would like to go straight to medical school and become a surgeon. But I really like fish and sea life in general. The main reason why I would like to go into marine biology is because of the fact that there is so much ocean life and areas of the sea we have yet to explore and so much more to learn.

What would you to do after you graduate other than traveling?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show River Monsters but I would definitely want to be on something like that on discovery channel or animal planet with my own show. 

Well it definitely seems like you love marine life are there any other hobbies or activities you like?

I don’t really play any sports but I mean I like to play football and basketball for fun but that’s about it. I play guitar and piano and occasionally sing. I took piano, guitar and voice lessons for a good majority of my life. I wanted to study music a while back or major in performing arts.

While you’re in FIU is there anything you want to accomplish or become part of?

Well there isn’t anything I have looked into yet other than the sorority I was in which is Sigma kappa. Other than that there is this summer program which is the FIU Eco Academy in which kids go to the Biscayne bay campus and they do dissections, experiments, arts and crafts and other cool activities. That’s definitely something I am looking forward to participating in.

Any last words of advice to your fellow collegiettes?

Travel as much as you can and it’s okay to feel lost as long as you don’t give up on your passions in life. 

A kid raised in Brooklyn, New York home of fashion, art and great culture. The greatest thing to happen to me was living in the city in a sense it was a love/hate relationship because of the area in which I grew up in. Then there was Manhattan filled with all the lights and glamour and things that were on the big screen. Once I moved to Florida it was in a small town called Bradenton which was a huge culture shock because it was the total opposite from what I was used to in every sense ranging from transportation to people. Then there was the care free atmosphere in which shirts and shoes are optional and thong sandals are an every day thing opposed to the city where that is a rare find. Living in Bradenton gave me a different outlook on things and humbled me in a sense. Then moving to Miami for school brought me back to my city roots except with a different view on things and my motivation now is to gain success and not material things as I once dreamed of attaining.
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