• 5 Cheap Graduation Gifts Your Friends Will Love

    It’s the end of finals and the last thing you want is to spend over $10 for someone else’s graduation gift. Whether it’s for your friend or one of your closest friends, these cheap gifts will fool everyone’s perception of money!

  • What Even is Millennial Pink??

    Have you ever seen that “pink” … you know, the pink that every single millennial girl wears, uses, and over uses either on their instagram...

  • How to Pack for a Big Move

    Maybe you just graduated from college, or got a new job, or are simply tired of the city you live in. If you find yourself to be moving,...

  • Keep Calm, Vacation is Coming

    Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are going on vacation with a bunch of people, and you're the only one who knows...

  • Surviving Airport Security with Style

    The unavoidable process of going through airport security is a nightmare. Unzipping your bags, taking off your shoes, or even getting pulled aside because you forgot about a half-full water bottle you drank from earlier - it’s a nightmare.

  • Self-Care Tips

    This part of the semester is crunch time and I can tell that my body is not feeling the best. I have created a self care regime that can...

  • Life's Embarrassing Moments

    We all have those interactions - the ones that leave you feeling embarrassed for the rest of the day, and wanting to hide from society...

  • DIY Red Velvet Mug Cake

    For all you red velvet lovers out there, here’s the history on how red velvet got its name. During the Great Depression, families were not...

  • My Furever Friend, Griswold

    Each year, about three million adoptable sheltered animals are euthanized due to overcrowding in the United States. Think about all the animals that are on the street compared to the limited housing for animals at the shelter. The ratio between animals and homes is hard to reach equilibrium.

  • How To Study for an Exam

    Part of college, arguably one of the worst parts, is studying for exams. Depending on your major, this may be a regular occurrence or it...

  • Interning 101

    How to: Internship? To say the least, the internship process is stressful for a college student who has little to no “real world”...


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