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3 Spooky Podcast You Should Listen Too Get Into the “Spirit”

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Quick questions! Did you know podcasts can be scary? I’m not talking about the true-crime podcast where the serial killer is in your backyard. No, I am talking about a bone-chilling, goosebumps rising, spooky podcast. If you have heard a few spooky podcast stories, congratulation because you are winning ate Halloween rn! If you haven’t, that’s okay but allow me to catch up on some good spooky szn fun!

1 . Unexplained Mysteries

We’ve all heard of the Zodiac Killer at some point, whether from a documentary, true-crime podcast, or even movies based on the Zodiac M.O; I guarantee you have never heard this story told in the way “Unexplained Mysteries” host explains the mystery behind it all. 

  • Episode: S1 – Summer of ‘69: The Zodiac Killer Part 1 & 2

2 . Full Body Chills 

Ashley Flowers is a queen at telling podcast story and in her Parcast Network original “Full Body Chills” she does not disappoint. In this series, you will get the feeling you have when you get by a campfire telling scary campfire stories! To start you off with a couple of good episodes I recommend: 

Episode: Why I Stopped Babysitting

– Episode: Every Year on My Birthday, I Recieve a Letter

3 . Haunted Places: Urban Legends

With Covid season taking away all the terrible fun of Halloween, that means haunted houses will most likely not be a thing this year. But fret not “Haunted Places” has years worth of podcast recordings giving an audio tour of different haunted houses and to make it more exciting they special episodes telling urban legends of haunted places that appear to be normal. 

  • Episode: College Halloween Scares
  • Episode: White Hair Overnight
  • Episode: Sesame Seed Beauty Regimen

Halloween is the time for friends and frights and covid has no business taking that away, so gather your closest friends, make your coziest drinks and snacks and prepare the spooky fright night with your friends.

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