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The single love expert is back with her amazing advice for all the love birds out there! Just kidding, but I have some good things you should keep in mind before and while you are on your first date. Just remember that we are all different, and that means you may think my don’ts are your do’s, but let’s get into it! 

Don’t go to a fancy restaurant.

Personally, I would not go on a fancy dinner on my first date because (1) it’s too cliche, (2) you are exposed to a lot of people, and (3) do you really want someone you like to watch you trying to eat nicely? When I visualize a fancy dinner date, awkwardness is the first word that pops into my head. I don’t know you and your future date, but the whole setting just makes it awkward. 

Do: However, if you want to eat out on your first date, why don’t you just order a pizza and eat somewhere more intimate, like a park? There is no pressure about eating without spilling on your favorite shirt and no formal vibe that makes you think you’re on a date with the Queen. It depends on where you choose to enjoy the delicious meal, but it’s probably quieter, and you don’t have to worry about people listening to your conversations. 

Don’t go to the theatres to watch a movie.

Why are you going out with this person? Because you want to get to know him/her. Sitting quietly in a movie theatre does not help you with getting to know your date! The only things you get to know are their taste in candy and movie preference.

Do: I’m not saying that you should rather do Netflix and chill at home. My suggestion is that you should make an experience out of it. Make some food or take a road trip to the grocery store to get your favorite snacks. When you get home, make a fort with blankets and pillows, and then you can watch a movie. Another idea is that you can go to a drive-in, and no, that is not the same thing as a movie theatre because you can make it so much more cozy and personal. Bring blankets, pillows, snacks, food, or whatever you would like, and if your date does not enjoy themselves, he/she is an alien :)

Don’t talk yourself down.

Everyone gets nervous! It’s totally normal, and instead of talking yourself down, you should talk yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk, and if you can’t do it, ask a friend to give you one. Your friends know you the best and will come up with the perfect words that will give you confidence. Also, you can call a friend during the date if you need a pep talk midway through. Just make sure that the conversation is short so that your date doesn’t think you bailed. 

I’m not saying that you should take advice from a girl that’s single, but after watching a ton of cliche rom-com, I’m confident enough to say that I don’t think I’m too far off track. Stay safe and happy dating :)


Hellooo!! My name is Helene, and I'm a junior (academically ;)) ) majoring in Multimedia Cinematic Production here at HPU. I'm originally from Norway, so that explains all of my spelling mistakes ++ I'm really excited for my first year as a writer for HC, and can't wait to write for someone else other than my professors!
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