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My College Experience: How I Fell In Love With My Major And Found Her Campus

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I was not fortunate to go out of state for college nor was I sure of what major I should go into. I decided to pick a major that has the least amount of science and math requirements and communication popped up. Going into my freshman year of college I had no idea if communication was the right major for me. I thought the introduction to communication was interesting, but there was no clear definition of what it was or what type of career you could go into. Most importantly I felt alone, without any concrete friend group at school. 

In my sophomore year of college, a girl came up to me in my public speaking class and asked me to start up a club with her called Her Campus. I said yes without knowing it would change my life. I became the marketing director which is in charge of recruiting, getting our name out, and promoting events.  Fast forward to one year from then we have about 5 officers and 15 members. Being surrounded by intelligent, ambitious, and supportive peers who are in similar majors made me grow as a person and as a student. 

Writing and editing articles for our magazine gave me experience in editorial writing which is not traditionally taught in classes. I was able to expand my design skills by creating flyers, and content for our social media platforms. After a while, we weren’t just club members we became friends. We supported each other on first dates, breakups, class projects, surveys, helped each other get internships, and jobs. In HC we found a family at school who supported each other in our career, emotionally, and spiritually. HC at HPU showed me communication is the perfect fit for me and it nurtured the confidence I needed to land an internship my junior and senior years. 

As a Senior in college, I started my internship in a Public Relations Firm in the digital media department where my teacher/club advisor recommended me. I am also excited to say that I am the co-president at HC at HPU. I am not the perfect student nor the smartest in the room, but being surrounded by students and teachers who care, helped me accomplish all that I did and pushed me to do more. Getting involved in a club that is related to my major was the best decision I ever made. 

Committing to a major let alone a college is scary, but having a group of peers who are there to support you will make your college experience better. I can not tell you HPU is the perfect school and communication is the right major for you. What I can tell you is you should find a school where you can see yourself growing as a person like I did and a major where you can find a career you will love. Fortunately, I made the right choice for me and I am happy I was able to find a club to foster my untapped potential.

Writer: Julia Matsumoto

Editor: Mya Frye

Julia Matsumoto is the Co-Presedent and Marketing for the Hawaii Pacific University Her Campus Chapter. She will graduate in 2022 with a major in Communication and Mass Communication.
Hey Everyone! I'm a Military brat which is the reason I love to travel and write as I wrote a blog all about our travels in Japan! I chose HPU because I fell in love with the diversity of ideas and mindset! I'm studying Mass Communication and Criminal Justice with the aspirations of becoming a public affairs specialist someday!
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