6 Ways to Stay Slim on the Slope

When creamy pumpkin spice lattes and sweet Ithacan apple pies are literally starting to weigh you down, it might be time for a change. There are a plenty of ways (on and off) Cornell’s campus to eat healthy and to work out. This fall, I will show you how to make next week so much healthier than last.


1. Go to the gym

Believe me, I hate going to the gym as much as the next Netflix-loving, popcorn-eating gal. But going to the gym is something all of us ladies must do in order to maintain a girlish form. Check the classes offered each day at Helen Newman and Noyes – after all, “Cardio Fuego” and “Muscle Hustle” are complementary with a standard gym pass. And try to find a gym buddy because misery loves company! Link to classes: http://recreation.athletics.cornell.edu/fitness-centers/group-fitness-classes


2. Skip the greasy foods

Your body may call out to you, “Feeeeeed me,” as you walk by Collegetown Pizza and then again past Collegetown Bagels, but sometimes it’s best to just hold out. College can be stressful, and we tend to stress-eat our feelings away. Switch that bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich for some hearty oatmeal and that pepperoni slice for some carrots with hummus. You will feel lighter and more full of energy all day long.


3. Get to sleep

Some nights in Mann Library feel like they will never end. And often by 1:00 A.M., my work is definitely sub-par. For an ambitious student, it can be hard to hang up the towel and call it a night. College students constantly struggle with the feeling that more can be done. But we all must realize that a good’s night sleep directly affects tomorrow’s performance. Keep your sleep schedule reasonable and know when to be finished.


4. Go for a hike

So you go to school in Ithaca, New York. If you haven’t figured it out already, the fun that Ithaca provides is limited to Collegetown, the Commons, and Ithaca Mall. But one thing Ithaca holds which will never fade is its unyielding beauty. Grab some friends and hike to Flat Rock or Six Mile Creek before it gets too cold. If you’re feeling real ambitious, take a ride to Greek Peak, the closest ski resort to Cornell. Go within the next ten days so you don’t miss out on the leaf-peeper’s dream Instagram post!


5.  Drink tea, not coffee

Okay, this suggestion might be just a tad hypocritical as my entire day can be turned around with an iced vanilla latte. But in reality, this coffee kick that we so crave is not the healthiest. Tea is hydrating and stress-reducing; tea gives you longer lasting energy. Coffee (while delicious) gives people a short-lived buzz often followed by stomach upsets and trouble resting. So ask the barista for a sizzling Vanilla Chai to keep warm in the increasingly colder days. 


6. Treat yo’ self

Be kind to your body and don’t be afraid to be rewarding. Allow yourself one cheat day or a tiny cheat once a day. You work hard and don’t deserve to be deprived – but a healthy body creates a positive outlook and a happy life.


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