• Angela Vieira Interview: The Barre + Yoga Experience

    Her Campus Bryant was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Angela Vieira, a young Barre instructor who is opening up her own studio, The Barre + Yoga Experience, here in Smithfield, RI. She was excited to share her journey as an instructor and entrepreneur, as well as what has inspired her to take this plunge...

  • Simple Meal Prepping Tips for College Students

    Everyone has a busy week, every week. It is inevitable. We all get caught up in homework and various clubs and organizations that we are a part of. This restricts our meal times and sometimes causes us to skip a meal altogether.

  • How Yoga Can Change Your Life

    Yoga has the power to not only change your body, but also your general mentality. There are so many benefits to frequent yoga practices,...

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