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Looking for A Fun Night Out in/around Smithfield?

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Smithfield, RI, which is somewhat remote in location, has a multitude of things you can do nearby. Whether you want to go all out or prefer something casual, there is always something to do around here to keep you entertained.

Under the age of 21:

The Colosseum: The Colosseum hosts 18+ nights on particular occasions, offering a fun opportunity to go out in Providence with friends! Make sure to bring your ID because they do check at the door. :)

WaterFire Events: WaterFire events are extremely fun and are truly something to see while you’re in Rhode Island. Only approximately 25 minutes away from Smithfield, this attraction incorporates light shows on the Providence River.

The Providence Rink:Not only can you ice skate in the winter, but you can also roller skate when it’s not in season! This is a fun way to go out with friends and create great/funny memories.

R1 Indoor Karting (Lincoln)/ Supercharged (Wrentham): Both places offer a fun go-karting experience. Supercharge includes not only go-karting but also other activities such as a trampoline park and an obstacle course.

Over the age of 21:

The Last Resort: This is a fun, “club-like” place that features a DJ and a dance floor. The building itself has a volleyball court, a swimming pool, and three bars (two inside and one tiki bar). You must be over 21 to enter!

Rock & Rye: Located in Providence, R & R is both lively and entertaining. Not only can you enjoy fun drinks, but you can also play games such as mega-Jenga and card games.

Brewology: Brewology is intriguing in the sense that it operates as a cafe during the day and transitions to a bar at a certain time. It offers a fun and lively environment for socializing and hanging out!

Dr. Duff’s Lost and Found Project: Although Dr. Duff’s is currently closed, once it reopens soon it will be the place to be. The place itself has cool decorations perfect for photo opportunities, as well as a dance floor. You are also able to look at an extensive menu with unique foods.

These places may not cater to everyone’s taste but remember to maintain an optimistic outlook when choosing where to spend your time. Having fun is not solely dependent on the environment but what you make of it. I hope these suggestions help you discover new places to adore! <3

Carmen Yebba

Bryant '25

I am a third-year Team and Project Management Major, Marketing and Communications Minor at Bryant University. I am from Westwood, Massachusetts!