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Halloween Costumes I NEED To See This Semester

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There is no better time to be in college than Halloween weekend. This is the best moment to either show creativity, or ball on a budget. Here at Bryant, these festivities can either last two days or even five depending on how seriously you take it. These are my top costumes (groups, couples, trios, and individuals) that I NEED to see.


Men in Black– All-black outfits including leather pants (or skirts), leather jackets, sunglasses, and black boots.

Alice in Wonderland– Alice: blue skirt/corset (Amazon), Cheshire Cat: pink and purple themed clothes (corset and tights on Amazon), White Rabbit: all white outfit (corset and tutu on Amazon), Queen of Hearts, black and red attire (socks, corset and playing cards theme)

Wizard of Oz– Dorothy: blue and white themed skirt/top, Tin Man: silver pants and a silver flowy top, Wicked Witch: black outfit with knee-high green/black socks and a witch hat, Good Witch: all pink outfit with knee-high white socks

The Purge– Such a classic, but also cost-effective! Dressing up in black with a white pullover all covered in fake blood. You can also get their specific masks on Amazon!


Ratatouille- Remy: All brown outfit, Linguini: Chef apron (and whatever you want underneath!).

Woody and Bo Peep- Woody: This one is a bit self-explanatory but there are good ones on Amazon! Bo Peep: knee-high socks, a pink and white outfit, and potentially a wig!

Phantom of the Opera: All-black outfit, and all-white outfit (corset over a dress). Super simple yet super cute!

London Tipton & Esteban (Suite Life of Zach & Cody): London: pink and white outfit, Esteban: green button suit jacket and a green/gold hat. Disclaimer– This would be more of a DIY project for Esteban.


The Chipettes (Alvin & the Chipmunks): pink/purple/green themed outfits including hair, glasses, and coordinated colors based on the outfit of either Brittany, Jeanette & Eleanor

Kiss, Marry & Kill: One dresses as Kiss (all red outfit), Marry (all white outfit and bouquet), and Kill (all black outfit). Also including “kiss”, “marry”, and “kill” on their chest.

The Lorax: Oncler: all-green outfit with a top hat, black boots, and green gloves, Grammy Nroma: pink cardigan, green dress, white/gray wig, wooden cane, and fitting glasses, Lorax: orange fuzzy outfit (skirt/top) and knee-high orange socks (could add mustache)

Avatar: blue mesh underneath and brown outfits on top. Makeup is important for this one so don’t hold back!

Shout-out to the more basic costumes: Mean girls, powerpuff girls, aliens, mummy, witches (there are some good ones)


Carrie: White dress with blood (extremely affordable depending on how all-out you go)

Strawberry Shortcake: Red outfit, with green and red socks. This one needs to be themed around stuff with strawberries so it makes sense. There are good things on Amazon for this!

Medusa: Snake-themed accessories, Either a gold or black outfit (either or works), and a headpiece. These are also all on Amazon.

Cruella: Black leather pants, red boots and gloves, fur coat, and black/white wig (optional).

There are so many great costume ideas out there, but I hope these gave you some new ideas! If you need more understanding regarding how to dress for a particular character, TikTok is extremely helpful for ideas. Also, Amazon has amazing things to offer for costumes! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Carmen Yebba

Bryant '25

I am a third-year Team and Project Management Major, Marketing and Communications Minor at Bryant University. I am from Westwood, Massachusetts!