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Texts from Moms>Texts from Friends

Everyone’s been in this position; walking down the street, staring intensely at your phone, and smiling ear to ear. You’ve become so...

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15 Things I Learned as a Freshman

It’s almost impossible to believe that my first year of college is already over. They were not lying when they said it goes by fast. One...

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Food for Finals

“Calories don’t count during finals.” We’ve all heard this phrase at some point or another during our studying careers. It’s so tempting,...

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40 Ways to Procrastinate

1. Back-stalk yourself on Facebook 2. Watch every single SnapChat story 3. Reorganize your room 4. Refresh all social media accounts...

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6 Best Study Spots for Spring on Campus

It’s about that time of year again where we get spring fever, which undeniably clashes with the idea of second semester finals. Some of us...