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6 Best Study Spots for Spring on Campus


It’s about that time of year again where we get spring fever, which undeniably clashes with the idea of second semester finals. Some of us complain about it, yet get our work done and some of us procrastinate to spend some time in the sun. Neither side of the spectrum makes us totally happy- so I think it’s time to combine spring and school work with some fantastic outdoor study spots.

Memorial Union Terrace

Who could complain about making some flashcards while soaking up this gorgeous view of Lake Mendota? Not to mention, if you’re feeling a little anxious, you can order a couple rounds of pitchers for you and your friends (if you have friends).


Bascom Hill

Every year around this time you notice fellow badgers claiming their envied spots on Bascom Hill. I know that hill is dreadful, but trust me, it’s well worth it when you are trying to enjoy some warm weather while trying NOT to fail your final organic chemistry exam.


Nancy Nicholas Hall

Have you never seen Madison from this angle before? Well it doesn’t surprise me, because Nancy Nicholas Hall is the most recent home of the School of Human Ecology as of June 2012. The view is to die for and the studying gets done without a case of spring fever. I dare you to check it out.

Some of you are probably thinking “I don’t want to be stuck studying ALL day in this beautiful weather (even though Mother Nature is really messing with us lately).” Well, I agree- we all need a study break! And most of them include food, but I’ve thrown in some exercise to burn off those calories.


The Steepery Tea Bar on State Street

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing a lot about this place and their “bubbles.” It may not be for everyone, but it’s a must-try! Plus, who doesn’t love a walk down State Street in the sunshine.


Picnic Point

If you’re like me and prefer longer study breaks and some memorable views, I recommend taking a hike to Picnic Point. 


Allen Centennial GardensHere’s a quiet, walk through nature that may be unheard of to some of you. This is the teaching garden for the Horticulture department, but visitors are always welcome! You can find these “two-lips” (mine…boys…) at 620 Babcock Drive.

Hopefully one of these places intrigues you and your spring fever is kicked to the curb. But, if not, good luck studying in a library, envying other students who made the right choice to be proactive about their spring study habits. 

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