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The Top 12 Foods for the Perfect Easter Brunch

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, and for us college kids that, hopefully, means a beautiful brunch with the family. Here are the 12 foods in order of importance that will make your Easter brunch an absolute success.


12. Roasted Veggies

While the main purpose of a brunch is to stuff your face until you fall into a food coma, you are going to want some nutritional value to go along with that coma. Throw some veggies on the side!


11. Fruit Salad

Again, we need some nutritional value. But, this time it is in the form of some delicious, juicy, in-season fruit.


10. Bread

Bread is necessity for life, let alone an Easter brunch, and it doesn’t matter in what shape or form it comes in. Just make sure you got toast, a roll, or bun to go along with your main entrees. Don’t forget to slab a big wad of butter on top!


9. Carrot Cake

The Easter Bunny would be very disappointed in you if you didn’t include his favorite dessert on the brunch menu.


8. Omelette

Almost any brunch you attend will, or at least should, have a station where you can build your own delicious omelette. Stuff it with bacon, ham, sausage, green pepper, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, bacon, or whatever your taste buds desire. The possibilities are endless!


7. Crepes

This is the less-nutritious and tastier desert version of the omelette. Again, stuff it with whatever you desire from cherries to chocolate.


6. Cheesy Potatoes

These are a brunch classic. One could have a plate of only cheesy potatoes and most likely be 100% satisfied.


5. Honey Glazed Ham

There are few things better in life than a mouth-watering slow-cooked honey ham. Regular ham does not do Easter brunch justice. This is Easter; you need to bust out the best of the best for this day. Put a slice or five on your plate and enjoy the flavor explosion.


4. Cinnamon Rolls

No description required. I’ll have 12.


3. Crab Legs

Now we are getting fancy. Grab a crab shell cracker and dive into this popular seafood. It’ll have you going back to the buffet line again and again. Don’t forget the melted butter for dipping!


2. Mimosas

Pop the champagne! You want to have a little fun during brunch, right?


1. Bacon

One of my favorite things to do at any brunch is get my normal plate of various foods and then get a separate plate solely dedicated to bacon. These poor pigs probably hate Easter Sunday, but they probably also understand the need for bacon in this world. Bacon is life. Bacon is everything.


Happy Easter!

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